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Married At First Sight Still Together: Which Married At First Sight Couples Are Still Together?

Married At First Sight Still Together

Married At First Sight Still Together

Married at First Sight, a Lifetime show marries five couples each season without meeting. Relationship experts select couples who have eight weeks to decide whether to divorce or stay married. 14 Married at First Sight couples are married and have children. Season 15 ended recently. Show success was 24% in July 2022.

Which Married At First Sight Couples Are Still Together?

1) Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner from season 1

Jamie and Doug last the longest in Married at First Sight. Jamie was nervous and cried in the wedding hall before marrying Doug, but they built a strong family. Their spin-off, Married at First Sight: Jamie and Doug Plus One, featured them. The happy couple has two children but announced their pregnancy troubles in 2019.

2) Ashley Petta and Anthony D’Amico From Season 5

Ashley and Anthony were in love at first sight. Following fighting to find an apartment after the honeymoon, things went well. Married at First Sight: Happily Ever After? highlighted them and their two children.

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3) Jephte Pierre And Shawniece Jackson From Season 6

After Shawniece confused Jephte’s mother for the bride, they didn’t get along on the altar. During their eight-week TV adventure, they fought often. When Jephte revealed that his brother was in prison, the couple opened up. After the experiment, the couple reconciled. Laura is their 5-year-old daughter.

4) Danielle Bergman And Bobby Dodd From Season 7

In eight weeks on the show, Danielle and Bobby never fought. The show’s experts stated that Bobby did not stand up for himself to avoid fights. Married at First Sight: Happily Ever After? showcased their choice day yes. Robert and Olivi are the couple’s children.

5) Stephanie Sersen And AJ Vollmoeller From Season 8

AJ struggled to show his love for Stephanie on television and snapped at the producer. Since filming ended, the pair have been traveling and doing well. Marriage counseling helped them bond.

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7) Elizabeth Bice and Jamie Thompson from season 9

Elizabeth and Jamie argued a lot on Married at First Sight, including an emergency house call by the experts to resolve the problem. They reunited and said they were delighted. Crazy fights are nonexistent,” Elizabeth and Jamie said in September 2022.

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