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Love Is Blind Couples Still Together? How Many Couples Are Still In Love With Each Other?

Love Is Blind Couples Still Together?

Love Is Blind Couples Still Together?

The Love Is Blind successful couples are an exclusive lot. Netflix’s quirky, addictive reality show is a sociological experiment, a dating show, and a carefully planned drama factory, but some people find permanent love in it.

Whether you think love is blind or not, this Dating Game variation is compelling. We enjoy Love Is Blind. The hit series is returning for season 3! For the uninitiated, single men and women chat from isolation pods until they are engaged, at which point they can date and meet each other’s families. Wedding planning stress leads to arguing, tears, and breakups. Sometimes other proposals happen offscreen.

Despite the many love triangles and surprises, and the outright odd nature of the show, some people do build true relationships, and the Love Is Blind successful couples may just endure the test of time.

Love Is Blind Couples Still Together?

Lauren Speed, a past contestant (player? participant?), offered this piece of advice for Love Is Blind couples: “When it was time for me to decide if I wanted to be married on #loveisBlind I battled. I wanted to truly make sure I got married because I could see forever with Cam.

Not from production pressures or popularity. I wasn’t about to get legally married simply for television. Fame can’t save you after the cameras leave and you and that person start a life together. Who wants a hellish marriage?

We found love because it was two people. However, they unexpectedly fell in love! Wishing the best for everyone in #loveisblind2 whether you decided to marry or stay single I hope that it brings you all closer to the happiness you all deserve! Without settling in any way.” Her marriage seems to be going quite well, so maybe it works!

Before calling Love Is Blind casting, check Netflix‘s pod stats if you think you’ll discover your soulmate. Since most couples don’t honeymoon, you never know. Love Is Blind season 3 was a roller coaster, and season 4 will likely be even more so. Here are the Love Is Blind engaged couples. After the altar, your Love Is Blind.

Cameron And Lauren Speed-Hamilton

Season: One

Their story: Lauren and Cameron show that true love is possible, even though dating show success rates are low. Lauren and Cameron instantly connected in the pods and got engaged and married on the show.

The couple became fans and proved Netflix’s big experiment can work. They survived! Leap of Faith: Finding Love the Modern Way, their 2021 book, and Hanging With the Hamiltons, their YouTube channel.

Amber Pike And Matt Barnett

Season: One

Amber and Matt are another success story from Netflix’s strange experiment. The couple bonded quickly in the pods and adjusted well to real life. Their only problem was a love triangle with Jessica, who pursued Matt even after he got engaged to Amber.

Destiny: Together! Despite their differences, they are happily married. At the Love Is Blind season one reunion, the couple said they considered divorce because they struggled to adjust to their life and relationship off-camera, but they made it work.

Diamond Jack And Carlton Morton

Season: One

Drama! After getting engaged on the show, Carlton told Diamond he was bisexual. He insulted her after she complained. They fought in Mexico. He apologized and they keep in touch. They’ll never reunite.

Giannina Gibelli And Damian Powers

Season: One

Their pod story: This polarising couple got engaged. Damian refused at the altar after several fights before their wedding. “I stayed consistent and you have not,” he said. After filming, the couple had an on-again, off-again relationship, but they are no longer together.

The chaotic couple split in 2021. Giannina is dating Blake Horstmann from The Bachelor since January 2022.

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Jessica Batten And Mark Cuevas

Season: One

Jessica married Mark even though she loved Matt, who was engaged to Amber. Jessica was hesitant about Mark throughout the show, but she stuck with the experiment until the wedding.

The couple said, “I don’t.” Their fate: Mark’s cheating allegations after the show’s premiere seemed to save Jessica. Regardless, both have since moved on: Mark now has two children and a new relationship, and Jessica has engaged again as well.

Kelly Chase And Kenny Barnes

Season: One

Their story: The show required them to say they were getting married to keep dating. They agreed to explore their feelings after the show but not marry. “I thought that we were going to continue dating because that was communicated between us,” Kelly told People. “

And then it was our last filming day, and he had a conversation with me like, ‘Hey, I think I am not emotionally available right now. I need to take some time apart from you.’ That wasn’t the plan, I felt rejected. What the heck?’”

She claims he ignored her letter. Fate: Separated. Kelly now has a podcast, ChaseLife With Kelly, on which she’s open about self-love and chasing a happy, healthy life. Barnes is engaged.

Jarrette Jones  And Iyanna McNeely

Season: Two

Their story: Iyanna was Jarrette’s second choice after Mallory rejected his proposal, so they naturally had some relationship issues. each episode progressed. Consider them proof that first impressions aren’t always the most accurate, and it may be worth taking a second look at someone you’re only lukewarm about. You never know what might develop. The finale saw Iyanna and Jarrette marry!

Their fate: They were together—until they weren’t. “While we have a love for each other, our lives are going in different directions, and that’s okay,” McNeely said on September 23, when she filed for divorce. Coming to this decision was far from easy and we will always wish each other the absolute best.”

“I’ll continue to wish Iyanna nothing but happiness and success with every future endeavor,” Jones told People. “I appreciate everyone’s support and hope for understanding during this difficult time.”

Shake And Deepti

Season: Two

Their story: Shake said that he loved Deepti…but wasn’t attracted to her. Shake never made Deepti feel special. So it was a satisfying finale to their love when Deepti decided to choose herself and said no at the altar.

Their fate: Yeah, not together. We’re gonna go ahead and file “Deepti and Shake” under How to Spot a Red Flag 101. At the reunion Shake merely doubled down on his extremely superficial notions about relationships, and it seems unlikely they’ll stay friends. At the reunion, Kyle admitted to selecting Shaina’s lover Deepti.

Danielle Ruhl And Nick Thompson

Season: Two

Their story: These two had an instant connection, yet persistent concerns from Danielle’s history proved a challenge. Still, Nick stood by her the whole time. The two got married in the finale.

Their fate: Nick and Danielle are not together. At the season-two reunion, they confessed that their relationship became a lot simpler once the strain of being on the show was gone. On August 21, TMZ reported that Danielle filed for divorce from Nick.

Shayne Jansen And Natalie Lee

Season: Two

Shayne and Natalie were engaged after a love triangle in the pods. Shayne and Natalie fought the night before the wedding. According to Entertainment Tonight, Shayne got “very, really angry” with Natalie and told her he “hated” her and that was “the worst thing” to happen to him. That night’s events made Natalie refuse the wedding.

Their fate: At the reunion, Natalie admitted that she and Shayne dated after the program finished, but she was unable to get over their big disagreement. After vacationing with Bachelorette alum Blake Moynes in July 2022, they were linked.

Salvador Perez And Mallory Zapata

Season: Two

Mallory and Sal showed that love may not be blind. After interacting in the pods, Mallory wasn’t sure she liked Sal in person. Things went well as they spent more time together. He canceled the wedding. Fate: Separated. At the reunion, Mallory disclosed that they had met for one coffee after the wedding and decided there was no connection.

Kyle Abrams And Shaina Hurley

Season: Two

Shaina and Kyle were attracted but had little in common. Most notably, Kyle is an atheist and Shaina is a passionate Christian. Kyle was willing to work it out, but Shaina pulled the plug in the sixth episode. They didn’t even make it to the wedding ceremonies.

Their fate: They don’t seem to hate each other, but we don’t anticipate them to be friends anytime soon.

Matt Bolton And Colleen Reed

Season: Three

Their story: After leaving the pods, Colleen and Matt struggled like most couples on the show. She wasn’t ready for marriage, and Cole’s desire for Colleen revealed his trust concerns. They both said “I do” at the wedding. They’re married but not together. Make of that what you will.

Nancy Rodriguez And Bartise Bowden

Season: Three

Their story: Bartise was open about his disinterest in Nancy. Despite this—and their differing views on abortion—she was ready to say “I do” at the wedding. Not. Their fate: They are not together, and Bartise was accused of moving in with another woman days after the wedding.

Zanab Jaffrey And Cole Barnett

Season: Three

Their story: Zanab and Cole met in the pods and shared faith, but life after the engagement was hard. After Cole said he preferred Colleen to Zanab, things fell apart. She refused to marry him at the altar because he had “shattered” her self-confidence.

Their fate: Not together. Cole apologized during the reunion. Zainab claims things were worse than shown on screen. She accused him of watching her diet and kissing another woman at his bachelor party. Defended.

Raven Ross And SK

Season: Three

Their story: SK and Raven were slower to develop than the other couples, but his rejection at the altar was still shocking. SK denied not loving Raven. Due to his graduate school move, the timing was off. Their fate: The couple worked on their relationship long-distance without getting married. The couple split after SK was accused of infidelity.

Brennon Lemieux And Alexa Alfia

Season: Three

Their story: Alexa and Brennon‘s wedding was inevitable. The chemistry between them was instantaneous. Destiny: Together! “I’ve never been loved as he loves me,” Alexa said during the reunion episode.

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