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Are Nathan And Holly From “Too Hot To Handle” Still Together?

are nathan and holly still together

are nathan and holly still together

Netflix has a show called “Too Hot to Handle,” which is kind of like a dating game show. Season 3 came out at the end of January 2022. Each season a group of attractive people in their 20s live together on an island paradise while trying to stay away from any kind of sexual contact.

If they can all agree not to do anything that makes them feel sexually aroused they could win tens of thousands of dollars. But in every season of the show, the contestants’ desires have gotten the best of them.

Fans on social media called Nathan Mingomezulu and Holly Scarfone, who liked each other, “#Nolly.” They were very obvious about their feelings for each other in Season 3. At one point in the season, there was no money left in the prize pool because the two couldn’t stop touching each other. What happened to them? Did this couple last, or did they break up when the cameras stopped rolling, like so many other reality show couples?

Official Sources Say That They Are No Longer Together

From what the show has posted on Instagram, it looks like these two lovers didn’t make it in the end. In the official Instagram update video, the two talk about their relationship on a Zoom call. They say that it was hard to keep things as hot as they were on the show because of the pandemic and Holly’s plans to go to college.

At the same time, though, that same video showed both former contestants talking over each other and saying “I wouldn’t say it didn’t work out” almost at the same time while smiling and gushing about each other.

But there are hints on social media that there might be a little more going on behind the scenes. Several of Nathan’s Instagram posts show the two of them cuddling in different, sometimes far-flung places. Holly even said, “Never get used to how tall you are” and “These photos are so special,” to which he replied, “Can’t wait to make new ones.”

At first glance, it seems like they may still be getting to know each other, but many comments on those posts and others across both of their Instagram accounts accuse the two of faking it for publicity. No matter what is going on, it’s probably safe to say that the status of their relationship is “it’s complicated.”

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