Marilyn Monroe Cause Of Death: 36-Year-Old Actress Found Dead In Bed In Brentwood Home

Marilyn Monroe died in her Brentwood California, home in August 1962. She was only 36 years old.

Marilyn Monroe’s famous career will be remembered for a long time in Hollywood but the end of her life was nothing but tragic.

During her short time in the spotlight, the actress, who was born Norma Jeane Mortenson, won the hearts of millions of people. However, behind the scenes, she was suffering. In 1961, she went to a psychiatric clinic, which made her feel “very bad.”

Monroe’s last day of life, on August 4, 1962, is still a mystery. At the time, Monroe was always being cared for by a doctor and a psychiatrist. They gave her a lot of medicines to treat her mental health problems and her insomnia. Even though people tried to help the starlet, she ended up killing herself by taking too many prescription drugs.

What happened to Marilyn Monroe? Here is everything you need to know about her sudden death.

How Did Marilyn Monroe Die?

Monroe died of an overdose and “probably killed herself.” The toxicology report from the coroner says that acute barbiturate poisoning was the official cause of death. The toxicologist found that Monroe took a lethal dose of the drug Nembutal, which is used to treat anxiety, and a large dose of the drug chloral hydrate, which is used to make people sleepy.

Monroe’s death was ruled an overdose, but strange things that happened around the time of her death have led to conspiracy theories that foul play was involved. Monroe’s relationship with the Kennedy family has been called into question because it was said that she had affairs with both President John F. Kennedy and his brother Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, who some say came to see her the night she died.

Some investigators have even said that they think the CIA had something to do with her death. Others have asked why it took hours for her body to be given to the medical examiners and where the tissue samples that haven’t been tested yet are.

Monroe’s death was so controversial that the Los Angeles Police Department looked into it again twenty years after she died. Even though more research was done, the district attorney still found that she had died from a drug overdose.

Soon after that, journalist Anthony Summers did his own investigation, which led to 650 tape-recorded interviews with Marilyn Monroe. These interviews were eventually published as The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes.

How Did Marilyn Monroe Die? Cause of Death, Last Words, Funeral Details | StyleCaster

Summers told PEOPLE, “There are no good signs that she was killed.” “I think it’s more likely that she took too many pills either to get help or to kill herself.

Where Did Marilyn Monroe Die?

She was found in her bedroom at her home in Brentwood, California but she was not moving. Eunice Murray, Monroe’s housekeeper, was there at the time and became worried when she saw that Monroe’s bedroom light was on early on August 5.

Monroe’s housekeeper called Monroe’s psychiatrist, Dr. Ralph Greenson when Monroe did not answer Murray’s calls and the bedroom door was locked. He broke into the room through a window at about 3:30 a.m. The actress was found naked on her bed, face down, with a phone in one hand. There were empty pill bottles all over the room.

How Old Was She When She Passed Away?

At the time of her death, the actress was 36 years old.

What Were Marilyn Monroe’s Last Words?

Summer says that one of Monroe’s last phone calls was with her hairdresser, Sydney Guilaroff on August 4 at 9:30 p.m. According to Guilaroff, the actress told him that Bobby Kennedy had come to her house earlier that day and “threatened” her. But Kennedy’s visit has been called into question because Attorney John Bates told reporters that Attorney General Kennedy spent the whole weekend with his family in Northern California.

Peter Lawford, who was married to Pat Lawford, a socialite and Kennedy’s sister, is also said to have talked to Monroe on August 4. The actor asked Monroe to join him and his wife for dinner, but she didn’t show up. When he called her again, he told her she was “depressed” about her career and personal problems.

Lawford says that Monroe told him she was tired and wouldn’t be coming to dinner in “slurred” speech. Then, when her voice got quieter, she said, “Say goodbye to Pat. Tell Jack [President Kennedy] goodbye. And say goodbye to yourself. You’re a good person.”

Marilyn Monroe's Final Hours: Nuke Fears, Mob Spies, and a Secret Kennedy Visitor | Vanity Fair

A police report says that the actor later said he had a “gut feeling” that something was wrong and that he still feels bad about not going to her house himself.

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