Living With Yourself Season 2 Release Date Status: Renewed or Cancelled? Check Here!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like living with your well-balanced doppelganger? No? ‘Living With Yourself,’ starring Paul Rudd, explores that potential in a light, effervescent style without becoming too mushy. 

The dark existential dramedy centers on Miles Elliot (Rudd), who seems to have it all — a great advertising career and a clever, loving architect wife. The program begins with him dragging on his life humdrum as he recognizes he has reached a stalemate in his career and personal life.

The battered guy stumbles onto a strange spa that promises to rejuvenate your DNA better than before. 

However, things do not go as planned, and Miles finds himself face-to-face with his clone rather than being a better version of himself. What follows is his battle to accept it without blowing his secret. 

As fans eagerly await the continuation of Miles and Miles 2.0’s story, here is all we know about ‘Living With Yourself‘ season 2!

Living With Yourself Season 2 Release Date

‘Living With Yourself’ season 1 premiered on Netflix on October 18, 2019. It comprises eight episodes, each lasting between 21 and 35 minutes. It’s been about a year since the show’s premiere, and fans are understandably anxious to learn the show’s destiny.

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Netflix has not yet canceled or renewed the program. It might go either way, but given the COVID-19 situation, the likelihood is that manufacturing was stalled as a result. 

We’ll have to wait for confirmation from the streamer. If and when it is renewed, we may anticipate the premiere of ‘Living With Yourself’ season 2 in or around 2022.

Living With Yourself Season 2 Plot

‘Living With Yourself is a program that is humorous and contemplative. It is set against a sci-fi setting and attempts to address the very realistic topic of people striving to manage relationships and careers while keeping their self-worth. 

We all have internal conflicts, and the program aims to answer one question: how would we respond if given a second chance? Would our perspective on the world change, and how would we seize missing opportunities?

By incorporating aspects from ‘Black Mirror’ and ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ — as well as the ideal dose of humor — ‘Living With Yourself’ offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see two Paul Rudds in a single performance. 

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Miles Elliot (Rudd) is an unhappy guy who struggles in every facet of his life. He undertakes an unusual operation to improve his situation and “undergoes a revolutionary spa treatment that promises to transform him into a better person.” 

However, when he exits his session, he is astounded to discover that his superior clone has replaced him.

Miles must now learn to deal with the unexpected turn of events resulting from his actions — however unintentional. He must defend his identity, his marriage, and his profession. Miles is first overjoyed at the prospect of this new addition in his life. 

He delegates activities that he despises, such as entertaining his wife’s friends and delivering presentations at his place of employment, to his lookalike. However, when New Miles shows dissatisfaction with his status as a replacement, Old Miles recognizes that this is not how the scheme was intended to function.

Finally, both reach an understanding and let go of their unpleasant sentiments toward themselves. Kate then enters and informs them that she is pregnant. 

Now the question is who’s kid it is, and the issue is that there is no way to tell since both of them have the same DNA. Rather than exploding with rage, Miles embraces the promise of a kid, something he and Kate had desired for a long time. 

Miles acknowledges that he is the one who should go, but Kate informs them that this is unnecessary. Perhaps they can coexist peacefully and make the most of what they have.

If the program returns for a second season, there are various possible storylines. Miles’ clone may reappear, posing parenting complications. 

Alternatively, both Miles may collaborate on something. Or how about the infant? How will they develop? All or a portion of these concerns may be solved in the next season.

‘Living With Yourself’ Season 1 is, to put it mildly, a tumultuous experience. Miles, the skeptic, and depressing original, succumbs to the circumstances, investing a large portion of his family resources on treatment at a dubious spa that claims to enhance his living status. 

When he returns home, he discovers that his identical twin has already arrived, who is positive, determined, and perfect in every other manner that he could not be. Given the difficult circumstances they both find themselves in, he decides to devise a living arrangement to get things back to normal.

Things turn for the worse when Miles’ clone develops feelings for Miles’ wife, Kate, and the two end up sleeping together. When Miles learns this, he becomes caught in a fierce struggle with his clone, whom he intends to kill. 

Kate confesses her pregnancy to both of them in the last 10 minutes, and given their identical DNA; there is no way to determine who the father is. The season finale finishes with the three of them sharing an embrace, delighting at the wonderful news.

In terms of the season 1 finale, the conclusion is not a cliffhanger and may be seen as a conclusion to the plot. 

However, if season 2 is commissioned, the concluding image painted a realistic picture of the future season — the trouble navigating the parenting area. 

Timothy Greenberg, the show’s creator, expounded on the odd season 1 conclusion, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “I adore these people, and I wanted them to have happy endings – whatever that means.”

“I would say satisfied endings; it is not always joyous,” he said. That is critical: occasionally, undesirable outcomes might be rewarding or acceptable in a different context. 

I want spectators to feel positive for the characters’ futures, but it’s going to be difficult. Because it is the best that anybody can aspire for.” He also said he had considered the show’s future, should it ever return.

“Paul had never worked on television before. He was wary about becoming involved in an open-ended project and portraying a role indefinitely. 

I wrote the tale that I envisioned, he continued. We tweaked it somewhat to make it a single season, and then we’ll see where it goes from there. I have some thoughts on possible future seasons. 

That being said, there is more work to be done if everyone engaged in the globe cares about seeing more. If there is a demand for further material with these characters and this world.”

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