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Who is Lexi Rivera Dating Right Now? Her Past Relationships

As social media influencers continue to attract attention for their extravagant lifestyle, Lexi Rivera continues to be one of the most popular on Instagram with her picture-perfect pictures and hilarious pranks. Lexi Rivera has a large number of followers on social media.

However, Lexi Rivera has been tight-lipped when it comes to her romantic life. Simultaneously, she was dating Ben for a while before the pair parted ways with good intentions and went their separate ways. Lexi Rivera has a new man in her life. Who is Lexi Rivera really dating?

Lexi Rivera: Is There A New Man In Her Life?

Lexi Rivera has been romantically linked to Andrew Davila by fans because of a few indications. Lexi R is being romantically linked to Instagram star Andrew, fans are confused to see what could be Lexi and Zanders’s latest relationship update.

Is Lexi Rivera Dating A Social Media Influencer?

Lexi Rivera’s ex, Ben Azelart is seen in her latest video with her new boyfriend. Fans commented on the clip, wondering if Lexi and Andrew were dating. However, he tweeted that they weren’t. The title of the article was clear with regards to Lexi Rivera’s relationship status.

She is not in a romantic relationship, but she and Ben are best friends. Notably, it has been rumored that Andrew is also an old friend of Bens- Lexi denies any such thing regarding her relationships with both men, making it clear nothing is going on Lexi further added that they have been working on some social media videos lately and are just good friends, thus stopping all the rising speculations. Lexi and Andrew create videos regularly, thus still giving rise to these ongoing rumors of dating.Lexi Rivera Dating

Is Lexi Rivera Dating Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Friend?

the young and popular social media influencer has pretty much denied all the ongoing speculations In February, Lexi posted a video where her friend dresses up as a guy to fool people into thinking she was dating someone.

Lexi might be taking some time off as she recently broke things off in November with her long-time boyfriend, Ben. For now, the social media influencer is keeping fans updated with some good content while maintaining a low profile about her personal life. Lexi River is rumored to be dating someone, but we are waiting for a reveal from her.

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