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Latest Apple Event Info: Check Out New iPad, Apple Watches And Much More

This September 15, the apple celebrated its annual hardware and showcase of the gadgets. However, they revealed some latest and greatest apple toys during the event.

All the fans waited or Apple 12, but they did not reveal or mentioned any details about the phone. The company admired all the people by showing many devices and services to have patience until the iPhone is officially released. The Apple company showcased nine variety of watches, some other cool Ipads and updates regarding the service lineup.

The software update is now available in the respective Apple mobiles. The company said that they had brought iOS 14 which released today on September 16. Here are some quick details about the announcement during the event.

Latest Apple Watch Series 6 Revealed In Apple Event

The new Apple watch is almost similar to its previous generation model, but it comes with numerous amount of colours. Colours like Navy blue which will match the upcoming iPhone 12. The primary and most essential thing about this new apple watch is that it has a sensor which will track the oxygen level in the blood.

This watch can help track some information regarding breathing pattern and heart rate of a particular person. This new generation Apple watch will soon overpower other fitness watches in the market.

It has an S6 chip processor, and the new chip is faster than the previous one with 20% more efficient. The display has 2.5 times much brighter than before, and this device supports a unique setting that is ‘Family Setup’.

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Apple Watch SE

These watches are for the people who are looking for a budget-friendly Apple watch. This Deivtoo has the same design as the previous modelĀ  Apple Watch, i.e. Series 6. This device has the most extended power lasting generation of S5 processor with Fall detection sensor.

Series 6 is already released, but the people can expect the watch from September 18. The USP of this device is that it starts at $279, that means it’s cheaper than before and comes with the latest generation model.

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New generation iPad Air

The apple celebrated its ten years of apple iPad series on this event. The new iPad has an edge to edge display, and it features 10.9 inch of liquid retina display which is pretty awesome. This new generation I pad has Touch ID, which can be accessed through the power button. The report says that it has no Face ID unlocking in this device.

This iPad is much more potent than the previous model chipset. It has got Apple A14 bionic processor which is just same as the upcoming Apple iPhone 12. As per the reports from the Apple, this device will provide almost 40% more processor performance boost, which is higher than the previous model. Graphics performance has increased by 30%.

Apple One Launch Detail During The Event

Just like another streaming platform Apple has announced that they will make it easier for the people by providing the same service.

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The people have waited so long during the Apple event for Apple One subscription which enables to access through many Apple’s services. The Subscription is generally monthly based. This Subscription will include iCloud, Apple Arcade Apple Fitness +, Apple News and Apple Music. The plan starts with $15 every month.

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