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uwi, yhj, Apple Event: Time Really Does Fly - The Tech Education
Apple Event
Latest Technology

Apple Event: Time Really Does Fly

Apple is one of the biggest tech- giants in the world. They are well known for their smartphones. It is an American- Multinational Technology Company. Apple sells consumer electronics such as iPhones, iPad, iPods, Mac (PCs & Laptops), Apple Watch, Apple TV, Airpods and Home Pods. The company not only makes Consumer Electronics but also make Computer Softwares and provide Online Services. We all know that Apple is planning to launch an event on September 15. Interested people can watch the Apple event on Apple’s official website and on their social media platforms.

Here is the tweet from Greg Joswiak about the Apple event…

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What Could Apple Unveil in The Apple Event?

Many famous insiders and other leaksters are claiming that the event will be about the new Apple watch series. The event comes with a title called “Time Flies” so we can expect the event could be about Apple watches.

As per the claims, the company is planning to unveil Apple Watch 6 series and there might be another low-end affordable Apple smartphone which resembles Apple Watch Series 3. In addition to this, the company might unveil a new iPad as it has been a long time since they have released a new iPad.

Talking about the Apple Watch 6 Series, the new watches might come with a Micro-LED display. There are several claims stating that the new Apple watch might ditch the Digital crown and might replace with a physical button. The physical button on the new watch might track blood monitoring levels and on top of that, there are claims that they might support Touch ID.

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iWatch 6
iWatch 6

We can expect the new Apple watch with S6 Chipset and Watch OS7 which will improve performance and user experience. Let us see how far these claims about the watches are true.

Many people are excited about the iPhone 12 series which will be unveiled in a few weeks after the upcoming Apple Event. As both, the events are very near, we can get hands-on more leaks which will be updated here.

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