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Portland Demonstrators Of Police Brutality Surrounded The Police Precinct

On Sunday night, the demonstrators against police brutality gathered near the police precinct on their city’s north side.

A Warning

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They blocked the street, and the police agency issued a warning to these demonstrators on twitter as,

“To those gathered at North Precinct: You are not to enter the property of North Precinct. Southeast Emerson Street is closed between NE MLK and NE 6th Ave. If you enter the property, you are trespassing and subject to arrest, citation, and/or the use of crowd control munitions.”

Soon the crowd began to chant, “burn it down” and lit a mattress on fire.

Hundreds of people gathered for this demonstration, and almost 59 people are arrested, ranging from the age group of 15 to 50.

Charges included reckless, reckless burning and possession of a destructive device and also interfering with an officer and resisting arrest,

A Riot

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And on Monday, Trump supporters gathered for a vehicle rally which soon was flooded with counter supporters in Oregon City. At one point they shot paintballs at Black Lives Moment supporters.

A video surfaced which showed the right-wing supporters running and tackling the left-wing supporters and attacking them. Both sides fired paintballs. The right-wing protestors didn’t stop and injured many people.

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