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Kuroko’s Basketball Season 4 Release Date & Confirmation in 2022!

Sports anime has developed into a subgenre of its own, but one of the most successful titles in this subgenre is ‘Kuroko’s Basketball.’ 

I was a huge basketball fan back in the day, and ‘Slam Dunk’ was always my go-to anime for a dose of the sports genre. That is because its fundamental concept has always been based on the game’s spirit rather than on any other mundane factor. 

Thus, after viewing a very excellent anime in this genre, I was reluctant to take up another in the same vein, fearful that it might not thrill me as much as ‘Slam Dunk.’ However, after I gave it a try, I understood what a huge mistake it would have been to avoid it.

From the first few episodes, ‘Kuroko’s Basketball’ establishes a norm and establishes a status quo for the majority of the key characters. You’ll see a thrilling basketball competition filled with amazing skills and slam dunks from the third episode. 

The finest thing is that it eschews technical aspects of the sport in favor of the thrill and drama that surround it. While some may see this as a negative, why are you even watching an anime if you’re interested in the fouls and time-outs aspect of a sport? 

Kuroko no Basketball‘ strikes the ideal mix between the game’s technical aspects and its heart-pounding adrenaline thrill. This proved to be a wise approach since the series appeals to even casual anime fans who aren’t really into the sport.

Another great aspect of ‘Kuroko’s Basketball’ is that it propels the story forward via the basketball matches using two distinct plot points: the first is the usage of relationships between individuals who are either teammates or opponents. 

It allows for concurrent character growth without losing sight of the premise’s primary objective; the other story element is about the game itself and is driven by the ability of various players. 

It’s fascinating to see each of them demonstrate their particular prodigious talents and develop as gamers over time. This facilitates character development and adds enormous value to each basketball contest, as each player’s presence becomes very important.

Even the show’s soundtrack is energizing, with powerful electric guitar riffs and solos playing in the background. 

The opening and closing themes incorporate rock music, which acclimates viewers to a new episode and prepares them for the basketball action that is about to ensue. 

At the start of each episode, one thing that becomes grating is introducing the “Generation of Miracles.” While I appreciate the emotions, it should be limited to the first few episodes.

I wouldn’t say it’s better than ‘Slam Dunk,’ but it is unquestionably one of the finest sports animes ever done, in my opinion. 

Even if you’re not a fan of basketball or even sports in general, the show’s adrenaline and excitement are enough to make it unforgettable. And if you’re a basketball enthusiast, this will serve as the ultimate push to get you shooting some baskets.

Kuroko’s Basketball Season 4 Release Date

Let us go across time. The first season premiered on April 8, 2012, and ran for 25 episodes till September 22, 2012. After the first season was a success, fans were rewarded to season 2, which premiered on October 16, 2013, and ran through March 30, 2014. 

The second season, which also had 25 episodes, was a critical and commercial success, creating the third installment, which aired on January 11, 2015, and ran through June 30, 2015. On March 18, 2017, a sequel film titled ‘Kuroko’s Basketball Movie 4: The Last Game’ was released.

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Concerning the fourth season, the prospects for its production are grim. The manga series’s designation might also explain this as ‘complete.’ Even the last film has an unambiguous and satisfying conclusion, leaving viewers content and delighted. 

For those who have seen the film, it’s unsurprising that there seems to be little room for any side tales to further the series since even the characters in their third year have graduated. 

Additionally, fans have developed a bond with the show’s characters. As a result, fans have fewer options to see ‘Kuruko’s Basket’ season 4.

Kuroko’s Basketball Season 4 Plot

‘Kuroko’s Basketball’ begins with the narrative of Teikou Junior High School’s basketball team, which is well-known for winning the championship three years in a row. 

The team’s five core players often leave their opponents in full disbelief with their exceptional talents and gameplay. However, they eventually graduate and split ways, only as competitors from different high schools.

Taiga Kagami and Tetsuya Kuroko are two recently recruited basketball players for Seirin High School. While Taiga’s abilities are fairly obvious given his prior experience in the United States and his tall and athletic physique, Kuroko seems an odd pick for the squad. 

Unlike Taiga, Kuroko is neither tall nor athletic, but he has a unique talent on the court – the ability to maneuver about undetected. He is dubbed the team’s “phantom sixth man” due to his stealthy movements and ability to throw the ball and aid his teammates during the game.

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The anime follows Taiga and Kuroko and the rest of the Seirin High School squad as they compete in the Interhigh Championship. Along the journey, they meet several very talented opponents who were previously members of the famed Teikou High School squad and possess remarkable powers that Taiga and Kuroko only surpass.

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