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Kobe Bryant: The Victim Who Alleged Kobe Of Sexual Assault Refused To Speak About The Incident After His Demise! What Is The Reason?

Kobe Bryant lost his life in helicopter crash in January 2020. Thus it was a huge loss for the Sports fraternity. But even his life was not free from controversy. As he was accused of rape by a woman in 2013.

Woman Accusing Kobe Bryant Of Sexual Assault Keeps Mum After His Death

A woman had accused Bryant of sexual assault in 2003. And it became a matter of great controversy. According to the victim he raper her in a hotel room. As per the woman the incident took place on June 30, 2003 at a hotel in Edwards. She accused of forcing himself on her.

Kobe Byrant
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Thus  there were bruises all over her body as she went for medical examination. After her complaint Bryant was interrogated about the entire thing. But his answer was something else.

In his statement he said that it was a consensual act. And that he didn’t do anything forcefully. Actually in the beginning Bryant had denied of even knowing the victim. But when medical tests confirmed everything he changed his statement and said that both of them had mutually agreed for this.

Therefore he was booked on the charge of sexual assault. But the trials became more and more controversial as the victim’s past history was dragged into this. Thus trying to prove her allegations wrong.

Eventually Bryant made a public apology after which the criminal charges against him dropped.

Why Is The Victim Silent After His Death?

Well as per the sources the victim is disturbed enough of what has happened in the past. And that she doesn’t want to dig up anything related to Bryant who is no more.

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Kobe Bryant
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Moreover she has privacy concerns as well. Therefore she has decided not to stretch this matter any further.

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