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Kylie Jenner: Kylie Jenner exotic Paris photos creates havoc all over the internet! Who is Kylie’s new mystery man?

Kylie Jenner was seen in Paris, France on Friday visiting the reputed Louvre Museum. Inspite of the high Covid cases in California and the safer-at-home policy in Los Angeles, the 23 year old model flew to Europe in her private jet.

Kylie Jenner after visiting the museum
source: dailymail.uk.co

According to reports, the businesswoman is in France to meet the executives of Coty, the parent company for Kylie Cosmetics. Coty had taken a $51% stake in Kylie Cosmetics in 2019 which had increased the valuation of her company to $1.2billion.

Kylie went to France to meet the chief executives of COTY
source: dailymail.uk.co

Who is Kylie’s mystery man?

Kylie was spotted with her friends Zack Bia and Fai Khadra,her new rumoured boyfriend,  in the ‘City of Light.’  She donned a cropped black leather jacket, baggy grey jeans and a snake skin purse to go along with the outfit.

Kylie Jenner with female companion
source: dailymail.uk.co

Earlier on Friday, she posed in front of the camera with Khadra wearing a sheer halter top and loose fit jeans. The two were not wearing masks in any of the posts.

Kylie Jenner
source: Instagram

Kylie’s new mystery man, Fai Khadra’s original name is Bongmusua Mahlaba. Though the two have not made their relationship public, their pictures tell a different story. The duo are enjoying a romantic vacation in France.

Fai is a model and influencer and goes by the name, @yourboyfai, on Instagram. He travels to exotic locations and clicks her modeling pictures.

Fai Khadra's post
source: Instagram

Earlier, he had dated, Kylie Jenner’s infamous best friend Jordan Woods. Fai seems to have known the Jenners since 2019.

Kylie’s ex boyfriend, Travis Scott does not seem on board with her relationship. He commented ‘LOL’ on Kylie’s Twitter post with Fai.

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Rap threw a jibe at Travis Scott
source: Instagram

Rap by RAPTV threw a jibe at Travis Scott, on Kylie’s recent Instagram post with new boyfriend, to accentuate her jealousy. He commented, ‘Travis You Okay?’

Fans slam Kylie Jenner for vacationing amid pandemic:

The star’s recent social media updates haven’t gone down well with her fans.

‘Kylie Jenner going to Paris during Covid while the rest of the world can’t travel or visit family in other countries/states due to border restrictions just doesn’t sit well with me’ said one fan.

While another follower said ‘You don’t have to deal with COVID if ur rich’

This is not the first time that she has defied the lockdown rules. Earlier this month, she was seen attending Justin Bieber’s party and dining in Malibu.

Along with that, Jenner broke the state’s travel guidelines when she flew to Turks and Cacos to celebrate her birthday.

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