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Donald Trump: Would TikTok Be Successful In Suing Trump’s Administration? Click To Know!

According to the latest news by Reuters, TikTok has planned to sue the current POTUS, Donald Trump administration. It would happen soon next week.

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However, this came up just after banning the US transactions with TikTok came up as per the president’s executive order. The app has Chinese parent ByteDance, as confirmed by the company.

Under the recent order issues, if any transaction is done, then it has to face 1.5 months prohibition. However, the Secretary of Commerce has the power to identify such transactions. This order was issued on August 6.

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Another order was issued on Augusta 14. According to the recent law, ByteDance has been given three months. Within 90 days it needs to divest from US operations of TikTok.

ByteDance Seeking Potential Companies

ByteDance has also sought help from influential investors such as Microsoft and Oracle. However, in any case, the order would not affect Microsoft or Oracle.

A TikTok Spokesman claimed, “Even though we strongly disagree with the Administration’s concerns, for nearly a year we have sought to engage in good faith to provide a constructive solution”.

Furthermore, he continued the encounter was due to lack of a correct process of the framework. There was no attention to facts were given.

The main challenge of TikTok is to get the employees paid. Even if the app receives banned in the people will get paid. This video making app is very famous amongst the teenagers and youth.

However, it has been banned in several countries like India as well. The main concern is, TikTok doesn’t expose the data of US citizen to China’s government.

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