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Kink Test Quiz On TikTok Viral Quiz


TikTok has discovered another bizarre “task,” this time a personality test. The short-form video platform uncovered an online quiz that provides users with a breakdown of their sexual type in return for personal information.

While many TikTok users refer to the exam as the “Kink Test,” the quiz is officially named the BDSM Test and was established in 2014 to assist “new kinksters in determining which labels are or are not appropriate for them.”

The “fun and instructive test” is available in two flavors: a “short and easy test with decent accuracy” for individuals who are just somewhat interested in determining their level of risqueness, and a “maximum accuracy” version advised for those who are “seriously into BDSM.”

The questions are structured as a checklist of statements, which test takers rate on a scale ranging from completely disagreeing with agreeing. “I like to make sexual choices for my spouse since it offers me more power,” one statement reads. “I like having sex with numerous individuals at the same time” and “I would want to have sex with multiple people at the same time.”

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The site then assesses the taker’s sexual characteristics on a percentage scale and informs them to what extent they are a voyeur, submissive, vanilla, brat, sadist, exhibitionist, or masochist.

The test, accessible online for years, has gained popularity on TikTok as followers share their findings and discuss them.

Other tests used to gauge the platform’s virality include a color personality test and one that purports to assist women in discovering if they are hidden lesbians.

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The former assists internet users in determining what hue their vibe is. At the same time, the latter reiterates a feminist notion that will assist someone unaware they are homosexual in figuring it out.

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