Killing Stalking Anime: The Complete Guide To Release Date, Renewed Status, Cast & More

Koogi’s book Killing Stalking, which he both wrote and illustrated, had 67 chapters in all and was released between November 23, 2016, and early 2019.

After winning the second annual Lezhin World Comics contest, the manga was published online by Lezhin Comics in both Korean and English, earning the publisher a prize of 100,000,000 won.

An anime version of the manhwa Killing Stalking has been highly anticipated in light of the series’ massive popularity. Is there a chance that we’ll have it in 2022?

Everyone has a person they admire, either for their personality or their appearance, or both. Have you ever noticed how people change as they come to know you better? Again, Koogi has written a manhwa that has won the hearts of many readers: Killing Stalking.

Unfortunately, hardly every manhwa can simultaneously boast an engaging story, believable characters, and widespread readership.

All of these objectives have been met by Koogi’s “Killing Stalking,” most notably the aforementioned attention from fans. The crowd’s focus is scattered throughout the arena.

While the story of the manhwa has been praised by some, it has been condemned by others for its glorification of rape and abuse. Some of the comments from the audience will even be highlighted.

Why Is Killing Stalking So Controversial?

The plot and the amount of detail the story provides are the two main reasons why the story is divisive among fans.

In Killing Stalking, we follow the story of Yoon Bum, a young guy who has been physically and sexually abused throughout his life and is now suffering from mental illness. Yoon Bum develops an unhealthy fixation with his classmate Oh Sangwoo after he rescues him from a rape attempt.

But Yoon Bum learns that Oh Sangwoo is a serial killer who takes pleasure in kidnapping, torturing, and killing his victims. They start a nasty, manipulative relationship after Yoon Bum’s legs are broken and he is taken, hostage.

Even though the plot is bleak, it’s the show’s attention to detail that makes it unsettling. A lot of people have avoided watching the series because of the graphic depictions of sexual assault, self-harm, torture, and murder.

Some Killing Stalking fans are on the fence about the positive or negative effects of the recent news that the series will be adapted into an anime.

Will Killing Stalking Be Able To Get An Anime Adaptation?

While fans have created their own animated adaptations of Killing Stalking, a real studio has yet to reveal its plans. As of right now, there are no plans for a 2022 release of the Killing Stalking anime. But if a studio buys it and likes it, we could hear news about something similar. However, a specific date for the release is currently unknown.

Will Killing Stalking Be Able To Get An Anime Adaptation?
Will Killing Stalking Be Able To Get An Anime Adaptation?

The chAosOPUS, an Independent (mOss) Studio specializing in horror, is now working on a project that will serve as a sequel to the 3D computer-generated movie, Killing Stalking. They’ve opted to take up the Killing Stalking project, and the writer can probably a**ist too. Looking at the whole, it’s clear that a lot of progress was made. Many of the audience members, however, would enjoy watching a Japanese animated film.

Killing Stalking Anime Plot

The story takes place in the modern world, where Yoon Bum likes Oh Sangwoo even though he has Borderline Personality Disorder. They’re both in college, and Bum has a crush on Sangwoo. Both Sangwoo and Bum had a lot of bad luck in their lives. In addition to the death of his parents, Bum was raised by his uncle and subjected to many sexual assaults at the hands of his uncle, other family members, soldiers in the military, and finally Sangwoo. The ‘not-so-good’ things Sangwoo has done are, on the other hand, difficult to put into words. In a nutshell, Sangwoo is an abuser, a murderer, a rapist, a manipulator, and a dangerous criminal.

It’s not easy to discover a manhwa as good as Killing Stalking. If you ever come across this manhwa, you might question why it hasn’t been turned into an anime. The possibility exists that there are studios interested in producing the film.

Cast & Character of killing Stalking

  • Yoon Bum

The story of Killing Stalking revolves around Yoon Bum. Yoon Bum’s parents died when he was young, so he was left to his grandmother and uncle, who cruelly abused, raped, and starved him. His uncle, Oh Sangwoo, also tormented and sexually abused and raped him while he was in the military. Bum, who has a borderline personality disorder, is a reclusive, timid, sensitive, and shy person. Since Bum has never had anyone offer him affection, he interprets it as love and forms strong attachments to those who do. Yoon Bum has previously regularly slashed his wrists as a means of coping with the abuse he endured at the hands of his uncle, his feelings of isolation, and his conviction that he is unnecessary to society.

  • Oh Sangwoo

When it comes to the villains in Killing Stalking, look no further than Oh Sangwoo, the film’s secondary character. A cruel and brutal person who kidnaps, abuses, tortures, rapes, and kills people without exhibiting any sympathy to his victims or sorrow for his deeds lies beneath his outward mask of kindness. Extremely self-centered and condescending, he pretends to care about others while secretly harboring resentment, which he unleashes whenever the mood strikes him.

  • Yang Seungbae

Former investigator Yang Seungbae is now just another patrol officer. His superior has noticed that he seems to dig too deeply into investigations and to rely too heavily on his (usually accurate) intuitions. Because he is both reliable and suspicious, he frequently questions the validity of others’ findings. These characteristics end up hurting him, as they get him kicked off the investigating team.

Fans Review

Some enthusiasts don’t think Killing Stalking is all that wonderful. It may cause some psychological distress. Some members of the Killing Stalking (KS) fandom are deeply invested in the plot and its characters, while others are angry at Bum for his treatment of Sangwoo. Some individuals are appalled that fans are rooting for Bum and Sangwoo, an abusive offender and a helpless victim. Even though it was Seungbae who came to Bum’s rescue, some of his supporters have been speaking poorly of him. Because of Bum’s abandonment of Sangwoo, they are quite upset with him. There are supporters of these views, and there are also supporters of Bum and Sangwoo.

In the same vein, many readers have attempted to defend the author’s choices. Critics claim the author glorifies sexual assault. But the author has strongly refuted these claims. However, the author’s artwork and fanart directly contradict this claim.

Killing Stalking Fan Review
Killing Stalking Fan Review

No author should ever portray rape and abuse as acceptable. Attacks on the creator from fans seldom make sense. It’s great to have open dialogue, but it’s not okay to force your ideas on someone who is helping out of the goodness of their heart. Neither the creator, who is merely working nor the consumers, who are merely expressing their opinion, are in the wrong. It looks more professional and respectable if you can comprehend the job and accept feedback on it.

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