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‘Kent State Gun Girl’ Pulls Another Stunt For Trump- Here’s Full Story!

Kaitlin Bennett, also known as ‘kent state gun girl’ is a controversial Gun rights activist and a conservative Provocator. This woman somehow always finds the way to be popular and trends in the news. Nonetheless, this time too she provoked the students of Central Florida University. However, she was chased out of there too but it did cause so much chaos.

Bennett is usually seen provoking college student and asks them to keep their trust and faith in Trump. Yeah, people do that sometimes. While she was being chased out The activist addressed that she just wanted to interview the students about the 2020 presidential election. Well, we wouldn’t like to believe just that now do we?

 Furthermore, footage showed how the students in the college chased her out and how everyone circled her. Eventually, she had to seek refugee in a bagel shop behind the college campus. Also, she felt in danger and said that she needed a police escort to get away from the place.

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Next, she then urged President Trump to defund the university for the way she was treated. She also called the students ‘left-wing terrorists’. Typical Trump follower. Moreover, she cribbed upon the fact that the students violated her freedom of speech. Freedom of speech? Brainwashing students is her kind of freedom of speech!

Coming further, so many people in Kent girl’s group were not wearing masks at the time of COVID-19. The university had a policy for people wearing masks and hands bring sanitized for obvious health reasons. “Our policy was explained to the group and after a period of time, the group complied and wore face coverings,” the university said in a statement.

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We hope Ms Bennett further stays away from the trouble!


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