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Second Stimulus Check:Will Government Provide Second Incentive To The People?What Is Yet To Come?

We all are bearing the coronavirus crisis now; it’s been having eight months; the whole country is not fully working. Yet, many people who don’t have food to eat are dying due to starving.

In March, coronavirus hit the states of the USA. As a result, many cities were completely locked down. People are not allowed to go for their work. Many of them lost their jobs but, what about the ones that are hand to mouth. They have to face many difficulties.

Source: Forbes.com

So to handle that crisis, the federal government takes a pledge to aid the people. So they can afford their livings bypassing the economic stimulus payment to help the people of America to deal with the crisis.

All of us think that this crisis will end after a few months, but we are still fighting for it. Now the number of death due to COVID is less and more deaths occur due to money crises. We don’t have any idea about what those people are facing. When somebody suddenly takes away everything you have. It will put you in a catastrophe.

Source: businessinsider.com

When the government is provided with the economic provision, it is for a few months. Everyone doesn’t get the facility of economic prerequisites. There are some criteria that each person has to pass.

Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the house and one of the ministers told that; they are planning for the second incentive check which, will be given to only people who will pass the criteria which they form.

We should hope for the second incentive check from the republic government.

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