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Karrine Steffans: Here Is A Quick Walk-Through Of Her Career

Karrine Steffans is a prominent model, actress, and author. In addition to this, Karrine has experience in rapping too. When it comes to her fame, she has a lot of fans for her work and has received many awards for her works. She also gives speeches to several college campuses about her works and the hip-hop industry. Let us talk about her works in detail…

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Karrine Steffans Career

As an Author…

Karrine Steffans is a prominent American author, she is famous for her Vixen series. The Vixen series comes in three books, they are the most famous

  • Confessions of a Video Vixen
  • The Vixen Diaries
  • The Vixen Manual: How to Find, Seduce & Keep the Man You Want

These three books of hers is a massive success and they have received many positive reviews and ratings. In addition to this, the books have been listed in the “New York Times Best Seller list”. Later she has written several books and they turned out to be successful too

As a Rapper and Actor…

When it comes to music Karrine Steffans she has performed in more than 20 music videos and is interested in Hip-hop. Karrine has made an epilogue in the mixtape called Freaky flows.

She has appeared alongside Vin Diesel in an action film called “A Man Apart” in which she portrayed as Candice Hicks. The movie has received good response too. These are some of her works as a rapper and an actor.

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As a Model…

We all know how famous and talented she is at writing. Similarly, she is good at modelling too. She has first appeared as a Video Vixen and has appeared in the music video called “Hey Papi”. Later she has appeared in “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and has talked about her rough childhood and the sexual abuse she has suffered as Kid and an adult.

In addition to this, she has appeared on the cover of Smooth magazine’s ‘Hollywood Swimsuit’ and later on the King’s magazine too.  This is a quick walk-through of her career.

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