Comparison Between Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Series: Which One Is A Better Choice And Value For Money

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Series
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Series

Samsung is one of the biggest Tech-giants, who manufacturers smartphones all over the world. Samsung is famous for its premium flagship devices and tech- accessories. The Company not only makes Premium Flagship devices but also make devices that are also mid-range and low-spec devices so that everyone can afford it. In addition to this, they also make several electronic gadgets which have received many positive reviews and ratings so far. Let us talk about the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Series, which are unveiled during Unpacked 2020. Here is a comparison between the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Series

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Comparison of Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Series

Before we go into a comparison of devices, here are the specifications of the device in Tabular form.

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From the table, we can see that both the devices have premium specifications. Let us make a detailed comparison between both the devices.

  • Display Comparison 

When it comes to displays, the S7 features a smaller display when compared to S7+. The S7 features an 11” LTPS LCD Display featuring a resolution of 1600 x 2560 along with a 120Hz refresh rate. Whereas the S7+ 12.4” Super AMOLED display featuring a resolution of 1752 x 2800 along with a 120Hz refresh rate and HDR 10+ support. From this, we can say that the S7+ features a larger and better display as it has an AMOLED panel. Both the devices support 9ms S-Pen too.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 series
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 series Display comparison
  • Chipset Comparison 

When it comes to the chipset, both S7 and S7+ feature the same chipset. Both of them feature Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ (7 nm+) SoC with Octa-Core CPU and Adreno 650 GPU.  As per the info, the chipset on both variants of S7+ provides a little bit of extra performance when compared to Note 20.

  • Memory Comparison

Coming to the memory variants both Tab S7 and S7+ are available in two variants. Both the devices come with 6GB of RAM and internal storage of 128GB. When it comes to a higher variant, both the devices come with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of ROM.

  • Camera Setup Comparison

Coming to the most exciting part of specifications, both the devices feature a (13MP+5MP) camera setup on the back with a 13MP camera unit as the main shooter featuring f/2.0 aperture and are capable of recording 4K videos. When it comes to the 5MP camera unit, it is an Ultra-wide snapper featuring f/2.2 aperture. Talking about the selfie camera, the device features an 8MP camera unit.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Series Camera Info
  • Biometric Authentication

Both the devices support the Fingerprint sensor, as the S7 features an LCD display the fingerprint is held on the side (Side-mounted Physical Fingerprint sensor). When it comes to the S7+, the device features an In-display fingerprint sensor. In addition to this, both the devices support Samsung DeX and there is keyboard support too.

  • Battery and Charging

The most important part of a smartphone is the battery. Both Tab S7 and S7+ feature massive batteries. The battery on the S7 features an 8000 mAh battery with the 45W fast charging support. When it comes to the Tab S7+, the device features a bigger battery when compared to the S7. The device features a massive 10090 mAh battery with the 45W fast charging support.

Conclusion on Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Series

All things considered, we can say both the devices are very powerful and very reliable. As the name says, the Tab S7+ has more features like better display and an In-display fingerprint sensor with a massive battery. S7 is a decent device too, but the S7+ is far better as it gets a bigger display and more features.

It’s a No-Brainer, one can get any device from Tab S7 series as both devices are awesome. The more money you invest in the purchase, the better the device you get.

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