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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Honored In Washington: The Entire Capital Mourned The Loss Of An Icon -
Source: The New York Times
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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Honored In Washington: The Entire Capital Mourned The Loss Of An Icon

Source: The New York Times

Honoring Ginsburg, about 20,000 tiny flags were waving in the grass all around the Washington Monument.

The flags were used as a means to pay homage to more than 200,000 Americans that died from the coronavirus.

Mourners stood out on Wednesday to pay their heartfelt respects to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Source: The New York Times

Her coffin lay right outside at the top of the Supreme Court steps.

Also, Senate Republicans worked hard to push forward President Trump’s conservative nominee to replace the liberal Justice Ginsburg.

Republican of Wisconsin, Senator Ron Johnson, released an 87-page statement that targets the work of Hunter Biden’s doing in Ukraine.

President Trump once again took to Twitter to express his dislike for Senator John McCain while also belittling Biden, by calling him “John McCain’s lapdog.”

Washington did show that it can be rather versatile in its tones and attributes.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death has given rise to a downpour of sadness and rage in recent days in Washington.

The city is highly Democratic, and with her death, it is experiencing the loss of a respected icon and the prospect of a six-to-three conservative majority on the court for a long time.

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What Do The Citizens Have To Say About It And About Ginsburg?

Source: The Daily Gazette

Everyone in the capital is dreading over what might happen in the next few months.

There’s the ongoing campaign, a president that knows no boundaries, an ongoing pandemic, the possibility of a disputed election, warnings of violence after the election day, and much more could.

When everyone got to know about Ginsburg’s death, they simply could not believe it.

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One citizen, Jim Doherty, reports to the NY Times saying, “You can feel here that there’s been a disturbance to the force,”

Children were seen writing messaged with chalk along the sidewalk.

They too lighted candles and quietly walked on the perimeter of the vigil.

It’s apparent that the mourners came to pay tribute to an outstanding American, but they also conveyed a feeling that they were grieving for something that goes beyond a single life.

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