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o, oaj, m, h, h98, i, tsv, w, 7vi, 1f, Trump Asks His Supporters To Call The Cops When They See Democrats Cheating: Warns About Use Of "Unsolicited Ballots" -
Donald Trump
Source: Daily Mail
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Trump Asks His Supporters To Call The Cops When They See Democrats Cheating: Warns About Use Of “Unsolicited Ballots”

Trump and Biden
Source: Axios

Trump asks his supporters to call the cops on Democrats “when you see them cheating”.

Once again, he tries to plant the seed of doubt about the validity of mail-in ballots.

Trump says “Early voting has already begun and when you see them cheating on the other side – I don’t say if – when, when you see them cheating with those ballots, all of those unsolicited ballots, those millions of ballots, you see them. Anytime you do, report them to the authorities.”

He also adds that the authorities will be waiting and watching while addressing the crowd on Monday in Ohio.

These cryptic warnings are the latest addition amongst his attacks on Biden and the Democrats.

This is because the idea of mail-in ballots is mainly pushed by the Democrats to make it easier for the citizens to cast their votes in November amidst the pandemic.

Republicans, however, have initiated legal challenges against increasing mail-in voting. Trumpp keeps on hinting at its susceptibility to widespread fraud.


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Is There Any Suggestive Evidence To Support The Claims Of Trump?

Donald Trump
Source: Financial Times

Statistically, there’s no suggestive evidence that universal mail-in voting would give Democrats an advantage.

Nor is there any proof that voting by mail would lead to an increase in the chance of fraud.

The president already suggested to his supporters to commit fraud by asking them to try and vote twice.

He supports his suggestion by saying that if the administration is as good as they claim, then there’s no that his supporters will be able to vote twice.

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White House press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, defended Trump saying that he wasn’t asking supporters to vote two times. He was just asking them to verify their vote.

But, the North Carolina Board of Elections asked the voters who have mailed in an absentee ballot to not show up on election day.

The executive director of the board said “The State Board office strongly discourages people from showing up at the polls on election day to check whether their absentee ballot was counted,”

The North Carolina Board of Elections also reminded the voters it is a Class 1 felony to knowingly vote twice. It’s also illegal to encourage voters to vote twice.

Trump and his latest comments made ‘The Lincoln Project’, an anti-Trump group of Republicans, tweet in protest.

They said: “Trump’s continued attack on our election remains the most shocking thing to come out of the mouth of a president.”

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