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Mother Of The Teenager Who Was Shot Speaks Up: Asks “Why Didn’t They Tase Him?”

Golda Barton

Linden Cameron’s mother finally speaks up on the whole incident. , a 13-year-old autistic boy, is still undergoing treatment at the hospital. He was shot multiple times by the police on Friday night in Glendale. His mother finally speaks her mind on the whole incident.

The police arrived after receiving a 911 call from his mother, Golda Barton. She was looking for some assistance in order to hospitalise Linden, who was experiencing a mental crisis at that time.

What happened instead was that a police officer repeatedly shot the boy and ran away from the scene. At first, the police officers could not even tell his mother if Linden was still alive.

The boy was in a very critical condition with injuries to his shoulder, intestines, ankles and bladder. Golda says that she had assured the police officers that her boy was unarmed. Even the police reported that they couldn’t find any weapon at the scene.

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When the police arrived, they asked Golda to remain outside.  In about five minutes, she heard them ordering Linden to lie on the ground. And what followed was a series of gunshots.

One police spokesman says to the reporters that the officers thought the boy possesses a weapon. Sergeant Keith Horrocks reported that the officers showed up at the house after receiving a serious report. The report was about a minor having a mental episode and making threats to some people with a weapon.

Horrocks further said that Linden fled the house on foot and that is when one officer shot him.

Is The Case Being Investigated?

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The Salt Lake City police have handed over the case to some outside investigators. Horrocks assured to report all briefing on the findings within a span of ten days.

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He said: “Our investigators obviously will be looking at body-camera footage”.

Linden’s Mother Finally Speaks Up

Golda still doesn’t understand what made the police shoot her son, that too with actual bullets.
She asked on an interview with KUTV “Why didn’t they Tase him? Why didn’t they shoot him with a rubber bullet?”.
She further said “He’s a small child. Why didn’t you just tackle him?… He’s a baby. He has mental issues.”
Barton revealed that as of now, she had not received many answers from the police. The mayor of Salt Lake City, assures everyone that the matter will be investigated fast and without any delay.

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