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Journalist Who Confirmed Trump’s Loser Comment On War Veterans Slams Him For Trying To Get Her Fired

Donald Trump is being criticized for his remarks on War Veterans. But he has denied having said anything like this and wants a journalist who confirmed this report to be fired.

Trump Wants Reporter Who Confirmed His War Veterans Remark Fired

Jennifer Griffin a news reporter from Fox News has recently confirmed The Atlantic’s reports on Trump. And it was about Trump’s disparaging comments on war veterans and martyrs.

War Veterans
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Jennifer who is a security correspondent in the Fox News gave her confirmations on The Atlantic reports on air. And speaking to the news anchor on the phone she stated all her sources and also explained on how she got the entire report verified. Thus she actually confirmed that Trump had indeed given derogatory remarks on War Veterans.

As she went on saying she stated about all the instances when Trump insulted war veterans and martyrs. Right from Trump refusing to visit War Cemetery in France to avoiding John McCain’s funeral she stated it all. As she did  a detailed investigation on The Atlantic’s Story she came to a conclusion that whatever they published was true.

Although she couldn’t confirm the ‘sucker’ and ‘loser’ comment  Trump made on war veterans.

But after Griffin’s reporting in the story went on air Trump highly criticized her. And accused that she is spreading misinformation. Thus Trump criticized Griffin and tweeted that channel needs to fire her.

Jennifer Griffin’s Response

Griffin has confirmed Trump’s derogatory remarks on War Veterans reported by The Atlantic. And with that she has stated that she trusts her sources .

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War Veterans

Therefore by no means she is spreading any misinformation. And that she has evidences that can prove that Trump actually made such nasty statements. Although initially even her colleagues criticized her for reporting on this issue.

But now as she has confirmed the The Atlantic’s story everybody is appreciating her fearless reporting.

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