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Suppresion And Interference Could Cost Kamala Harris White House!

We all know who Kamala Harris is. She is one of the great Lawyers and is also a nominee for the Vice-President in the Presidential election of 2020.

Now Harris has put forward some points of views of her and the election held in 2016. She drastically believes that the Russian government did interfere in the presidential elections of 2016. Kamala also brought into notice the suppression policies passed by the government.

So. In 2016’s Presidential election and after that some law bills were passed. Like, suppression of students from voting, suppressing blacks to vote, so that people’s belief for elections would fade.

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The senator also announced that they have a president who is trying hard to change the system. Trump is trying to make people believe that nothing is left with the presidents.

‘Its all a play’ says Harris. But she is also very certain that she has the power to bring the things right on track. She beilieves that they will surpass this suffering and make the people of America believe in the power of the system

Kamala And Biden fighting back together!

She also says that once Biden and she gets themselves into the system they will make the best use of their power. Moreover, she says that the disbelief and the thoughts that the people of America have come to adopt needs to change.

She wants to make people believe and save them from Trump’s trap. Pleading further to keep the interference from international and abroad sources at bay. When asked she confessed that it can ‘cost’ her the white house.

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Announcing further, she told that she is a realist and she has it in her to make things work. suppression and interference should stay in control was what the senator pressed on time and again.

Giving people further hope, she asks everybody to stay strong and tells them that they will come out with flying colors.

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