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Donald Trump Denies Claims Of Ever Giving Derogatory Remarks On War Martyrs,Calls It A Plan To Tarnish His Image

Donald Trump has been in the headlines lately for the comments he made on war martyrs way back in 2018. But now he is denying to have said such things.

Donald Trump Denies That He Ever Called War Veterans ‘Losers’

According to an report published in The Atlantic Trump has given derogatory remarks on War Martyrs in 2018. It mentioned that Trump insulted war veterans and martyrs multiple times. But Trump in his recent tweet has denied all these allegations. Thus calling it a plan to tarnish his image as the Presidential elections are near.

Donald Trump
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As the report published that Trump has referred to war Veteran John McCain a loser when he died in 2018. And he used this term in context to organizing and attending his funeral. Moreover in another instance he refused to visit a war cemetery and referred to the veterans buried there as losers and suckers.

And many other news agencies have confirmed to it. But Trump in his clarification tweet has said that he has a high regard for war Veterans and martyrs. Therefore he never used any derogatory remarks against them.

And talking about McCain he said that although he disagreed with him on several points but he always respected him. And had given him a first class funeral when he died.

Moreover some sources posted a video in which Trump is seen speaking ill of McCain. So Trump shared a same video and called it an edited piece. So as to tarnish his image ahead of the elections.

So Has He Really Never Insulted War Veterans?

Well if we are to trust Trump’s statements than he probably has never made any such remarks. But is he trustworthy enough?

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Donald Trump
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His remarks and statements on war soldiers have been verified and confirmed by agencies like Fox News,  and the Associated Press. Moreover The Atlantic have published the reports after getting all the proves. Hence it is difficult to believe that Trump has never made any such derogatory remarks.

Because it is nothing unusual and new for him! Is it?

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