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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at campaign event at Mill 19 in Pittsburgh, Pa., Monday, Aug. 31, 2020. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)
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Joe Biden ‘s Next Campaign At Kenosha For Community Meeting: Know How He Will Solve Jacob’s Death

Joe Biden has finally decided to visit Kenosha. Although He said he will meet Jacob’s family whose son was a black man killed by cops. On Wednesday he declared that he will also conduct a community meeting. Joe will be speaking and discussing how the Americans can move on from the drastic events that are happening in the country.

Joe’s Visit To Jacob’s Family

Biden has promised to meet Jacob’s family and will share his grief with them. Jacob’s death was a tragic one.  A white officer killed Jacob who was Black in appearance. The Policeman shot him almost 7 times in the back. Biden will visit Jacob’s family after two days when Trump is done with his Tour in the city.

The Campaign meeting will be Biden’s First trip in 2020 to Wisconsin. The state where Trump gained 23,000 votes during the election in 2016.

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NBC Interview With Joe Biden

the interview with NBC News Biden said that he would conduct a community meeting among the people and try to solve their problem. He said he will put up his best efforts to unite the Americans to heal and face the challenges together.

Biden said at the meeting that “We will have to heal”. Jacob’s death is another tragedy after George Floyd’s death. The country is filled with sparked waves and protesting for anti-racism. The country has now involved with sporadic violence.

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Tump And Joe Biden’s Tour

Trump visited earlier to people during this pandemic. However, he also visited a building that was destroyed and burned by the protesters. During Trump’s tour, he didn’t even try to meet Jacob’s family. People were expecting that he would talk about racial issues or systematic racism but he didn’t.


NBC News has reported that they met with Jacob’s uncle and asked him a few questions. Jacob’s uncle said that they have not made any contact or talked with Donald Trump about Jacob’s death. He then goes by saying that The white house did not make any meeting with Jacob Blake’s family yet.

Biden has conducted several peaceful protests inside the city. A few days ago he accused Mr. Trump of being the reason for racial disparity and social injustice. Biden is using this campaign as a strategy to win this year’s election



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