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Here Are The Members Of The Republican Who Gave Public Approval And Support Joe Biden To Be The President

The leader of the Republican party Mr. Donald Trump has gained the loyalty of GOP officials. However, some of the members of this party have come out to support Joe Biden who is former Vice President of the USA.

In 2016 trump was challenged by John Kasich who is the former Gov. John challenged Trump for the Nomination of GOP, but now he is supporting Biden and became his Republican investor. During the Democratic Convention, John Praised Biden for his experience and his wisdom, and his decency.

Biden has successfully won the approval from almost four cabinet secretaries from the Republican.

The Secretaries Who Supports Biden

The secretaries who supported Biden are Defence secretary of Obama administration ‘Chuck Hagel’. He also won the support of Secretary Ray LaHood who is from Transportation and Colin Powell- Secretary of Bush administration. Even EPA director Cristine Whitman came forward during the Democratic National Convention meeting.

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Anthony Comment On Trump And Supported Joe Biden

Anthony Scaramucci worked as communication director at Trump’s White House. But a few days ago he called Trump a ‘crazy’ person and endorsed Biden. Miles Taylor from the security department Chief of staff Miles accused Trump of creating the disaster from blue states. He was also accused of ‘Magical Authorities’.

The former Hewlett Packard CEO and the Presidential candidate of GOP ‘Carly Fiorina’, is currently running the mate of Sen. During the Democratic National Convention on Monday, Packard said that President Trump doesn’t know how to run the business and he cannot handle the economy.

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The Senators From The United States Who Supports Joe Biden

The senator of the United States recently has also said that he won’t support Trump. There are four former senators from the republican who endorsed Biden to be the president. These are Gordon J. Humphery from News Hampshire, John warner from Virginia, David Durenberger from Minnesota and Jeff Flake from Arizona.

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden discuses the coronavirus, Thursday, March 12, 2020, in Wilmington, Del. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

These senators also called trump as ” a real Danger”. Few other members from Republicans and Independents have made a group of 100 prominent Republicans. These are the people who have come forward and supported on Biden’s behalf. People like Todd Whitman, Rick Snyder ( Former Michigan Gov.), Bill Weld who is former Massachusetts has recently launched themselves with a bunch of campaign, run ads, and also a speaker for Biden.


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