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1, Tiffany Trump's Tweet Struck Joe Biden Really Hard, Said God Knows The Truth - The Tech Education
Tiffany Trump and Biden Joe
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Tiffany Trump’s Tweet Struck Joe Biden Really Hard, Said God Knows The Truth

The president’s daughter Tiffany Trump lashes out on Joe Biden with a meaningless Tweet this Monday. However, the tweet attack on Biden struck her critics more than her irony. She said on twitter that Biden is a lier.

The daughter of Mr. Donald Trump and Marla Maples tweeted on her social media by saying, ” Please enough Joe and stop lying, you think we are so much ignorant to see through the lies of your”. She then says “only God knows the real truth ”

Washinton’s Fact Checker Records On Tiffany And Donald Trump

Washington’s fact Checker has found many Trump’s lies and misleading statements during his presidency. The report from the Fact Checker shows that Trump has attempted to spread lies and misleading messages more than 20,000 during his presidency.

Trump’s daughter usually seen by the public during the president’s first term. But recently she has given her speech on prime time during the convocation of the Republic National Convention.

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Critics On Social Media Who replied To Tiffany

Tiffany’s Tweet defines political comment but many critics in social media have found this tweet offending. They were able to find this tweet as hypocrisy which is used as an attack.

The critics on social media already knew her background from where she belonged. She is the daughter of Donald Trump who is a man of Lies.

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An American Journalist named David Corn replied to Tiffany’s tweet by saying do at least give a damn about all 183,563 lies.

Don Winslow To Tiffany

Meanwhile, an American author named Don Winslow said ” yes god knows how your dad Donald took away the babies from their mother’s arm” and “how he caged the children”. He then goes by saying that “only God knows how your father has been accused of sexual assault and rape by 20 women.

He ended by saying the god knows how your father is a racist. Many people of the social media said that Tiffany did this because his father told him so.

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