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Joe Biden ‘s Campaign Raised $364.5 Million But How? Fraud Or Real Donations From America?

This past Wednesday, Joe’s campaign revealed that his campaign has raised $364.5 million with the help of joint fundraisers. In addition to this, He said these donations which took place in the month August has broken the records. Joe Biden said that the numerical value of 364.5 million has blown his head away.

The month of August was crucial for Biden. During this month Biden decided to be the Democratic nomination for president. He declared this on the party’s virtual convention. Biden has chosen Kamala Harris to be his mate in this election.

August Month’s Haul: Joe Biden Funds Collection

Biden also revealed a sneak peek of the fundraisers. He said after when Kamala’s historic selection they have collected almost $48 million within 48 hours. Biden said during the month’s haul they almost collected $205 million through online transactions. The online donations were small but came with a lot of users said the campaign.

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America’s Contribution Towards Joe Biden Campaign

This donation is historic because almost 1.5 million American citizens contributed in the month of August. Joe said that the numerical value gives him confidence and makes him humble. He also said even the smallest of the smallest amount of payment has created a huge difference.

Biden Vs Obama Vs Trump

In comparison with Barak Obama’s contribution in 2008, he raised $200. So, Biden definitely breaks the record in terms of fundraising. Biden’s fundraising figure has already come but the people are still waiting for Trump’s campaign and Republicans. Trump and Republicans have not revealed the numerical value yet.

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Fund Raised During the Month Of July

The campaign report says, that Trump collected $160 million of funds during the month of July. However, Biden and his fellow democrats collected $140 million. Biden did not reveal how much money they left in hand after August record-breaking haul. but it was said that both sides had equal numerical values.

Biden On a recent interview revealed his expenses during the campaign. He said the general election money was paid on media, which is the investment of $45 million on digital and broadcast alone.

The National polls recently became a little secure and hard. Biden and Trump’s campaign funds are recorded by the help of NPR’s Money Tracker.

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