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Jerry Lee Net Worth At Death: How Much Was Jerry Lee Worth When He Died?

A blog article about Jerry Lee Lewis‘s net worth on the day of his death.

Jerry Lee Lewis died on October 28. He was 87 years old. The singer, who was always in the news because of both his work and his scandalous personal life, had been sick and hurt for the last few years.

Lewis was the only member of the Million Dollar Quartet who was still alive. The others were Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, and Elvis Presley. He was in the music business for more than 60 years and made a lot of money during that time. Here is what we know about his income and net worth.

How Much Money Did Jerry Lee Lewis Have When He Died?

Source says that Jerry Lee Lewis had a net worth of $10 million when he died.

Lewis didn’t have money when he was growing up, of course. The Guardian says he was a “sewing machine salesman” before he became famous for his music, but he didn’t really sell sewing machines. He told customers that they had won the machines and only had to pay him $10 for tax. Before anyone found out he was lying, he had made a little money for himself.

In 1955, he tried to get a record deal in Nashville, but he failed. He got lucky in 1956 when he signed with Sun Records in Memphis. In the same year, he sold 300,000 copies of his cover of Ray Price’s “Crazy Arms.” Lewis kept working for the label as a solo artist, and he also played with many other Sun Records artists.

Lewis did well with country music later in his career. Celebrity Net Worth says that he had a hit with “Another Place, Another Time” by Jerry Chestnut. From 1968 to 1977, he did very well on the Billboard country music charts.

Jerry Lee: Early Life Details

Jerry Lee Lewis was born in Louisiana on September 29, 1935, in the town of Ferriday, which is in Concordia Parish. The family was poor because his father was a farmer. When he was young, he and his two older cousins started playing the piano together. His parents saw how much he loved music and put their farm up as collateral to buy him a new piano.

In November 1949, he gave his first show to the public. His family was very religious, so his mother sent him to the Southwest Bible Institute in Waxahachie, Texas, so that he could only sing gospel songs. He was asked to leave the school after playing a boogie-woogie version of the song “My God Is Real.” He went back home and started playing at bars and nightclubs in his area.

Jerry Lee: Personal Life Details

Lewis has been married seven times, and with his various wives, he has had six children. Early in his career, he got a lot of flak for marrying his 13-year-old first cousin. Lewis was 22 when they got married. His sixth marriage lasted twenty-one years and was his longest.

Jerry Lee: Career Details

Jerry Lee Lewis got his first piano when his parents took out a loan on their farm. He played the piano with his cousins, who were also musicians, country music artist Mickey Galley, and Christian music artist, pianist, and evangelist Jimmy Swaggart.

Jerry Lee Lewis Natchez was kicked out of school, so he started playing in clubs in his home state of Mississippi. He moved to Nashville and played in clubs there. Jerry Lee Lewis’s first paid recording job was with the Sun Records label, where he recorded “End of the Road” and other songs.

He also worked on record labels with artists like Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins. Soon after that, Jerry Lee Lewis put out his first album, “Star Club, Live in Hamburg,” which is considered one of the best rock and roll live albums of all time. His most recent and most recent album, Rock and Roll Time, came out in 2014.

At The Time, His Marriage To 13-year-old Myra Gale Brown Killed His Career

Jerry Lee Lewis had a lot of money when he died, but he almost lost it all because of a bad marriage. The Guardian says that in 1958, he toured Britain with his 13-year-old wife, Myra Gale Brown. When he got married, he was only 22 years old, which surprised reporters. Brown was also Lewis’s cousin, which made things even worse.

Lewis’s marriage was against the rules, so people stopped going to his shows. He is said to have gone from making $10,000 per night to just $250 per night. Even though his net worth went down because of this marriage, Lewis kept making music until he was successful again in the country music scene.

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