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Jacob Blake From His Hospital Bed, Giving Message On Life After Being Shot For Seven Times!

Jacob Blake was shot seven times in the back in Kenosha, Winconsin protest rally and was rushed to the hospital. Moreover, there were more two deaths – murders to be exact that took place on the 23rd of August. Clearly, the rally took a very wrong turn that night.

After going through unbearable pains day and night Blake managed to speak out for the first time from his hospital bed. However, attending to the situation at hand his attorney posted a 57 second video on twitter.

Jacob Sends Message!

The father of six children spoke about how his life took turn for the worse and it’s just pain for him 24 hours. He further said that may it be to eat, to breather or to turn to sides, his whole body hurts. Worse thing- he is paralyzed from waist down and doctors doubt if he would ever be able to walk again.

Emotionally afraid for his future Blake further said that legs are something we need to move around or just it’s a part of one’s body and he doesn’t know how to live without it.

All this chaos and so many innocent lives ruined because Jacob Blake is black. And the police that shot him was a white officer. It’s sad that even after earning so much of fame America still keeps difference between the blacks and the whites. I mean we are in the 21st century. Seriously now?

The shot survivor further motivated people to make something positive out of this tragedy. He says that they should stick together, make money and be in peace. He further says that so much time is already wasted he can’t afford to waste more.

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How It Happened?

This black man was shot in front of his three children by a white officer named-Rusten Sheskey who is of 31 years old. The shooting was filmed by another witness on his mobile and it showed the scene between Blake and officers. When the officers went towards Blake he went towards his car and just then Rusten fired seven shots.

We hope Jacob Blake finds it in himself to recover Quickly and make it back like a warrior he is. Because after taking seven shots he is still alive. It’s not less than a miracle.

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Blake Family has pleaded the court to arrest the officer for ‘attempt to murder’. Stay tuned with us to know more.

Jacob’s Father Protesting!

Senior Blake also protested in a rally to get his son justice. He said that no one deserves to be shot seven times and certainly not his son just because he is a black man. No humans have the right to treat other human this way. This is downright illegal and should be punished.

The victim’s family also broke down and pleaded Trump to support them. We hope that Trump do bring justice top the family if nothing else!



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