Daniel Prude and George Floyd
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How Daniel Prude Death Case Is Almost Similar To George Floyd? Did Both Of Them Died In The Same Way?

The death of Daniel Prude and George Floyd in Minneapolis have something common in their cases. However, if we compare both of the cases then it would certainly look similar. The people who watched both of their videos will come to the conclusion that their fatal encounter is almost similar.

Taking the reference from the video, it captures how police tried to communicate with the individual when they tried to subdue the victim. The police officers tried their best to restrain the victim for a long time. But later the person was not able to breathe and later he died.

If we try to compare both the clip, we can see that the way police tried to approach the victim has seriously endangered the life of the person. And even after the victim’s death, they still acted as if nothing has happened. They did nothing when the person was about to die.

George Floyd & Daniel Prude’s Case

During the month of May, an individual took the video of The officer named ‘Derek’ from Minneapolis who kneeled over George Floyd’s neck for a few minutes. The report says that George’s hands were cuffed and the officers forced him to lie down. George Floyd in suffocation repeatedly said that he couldn’t breathe but the officers did nothing.

Floyd Became unconscious and after a few minutes, he stopped breathing. Later, he was pronounced dead in the nearest hospital.

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 Daniel Prude’s Death Scene

In the Prude’s case, the officer tried to force his head and chest above the pavement. The officer held him for almost 2-3 minutes and after a few minutes, he stopped breathing. The officers said that they didn’t notice that he was not able to breathe.

An officer named Mark Vaughan tried the force Prude with both of his hands. Mark used his body weight to forcefully push the prude’s head above the pavement. The other officer named Troy Talladay tried to stop the prude by keeping his knee above the prude’s torso and held his leg.

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The video showed how Mark tried to push the head of the prude for almost 2 minutes and 15 seconds. The officer loosened his grip and asked prude that if he is okay? Prude was just a 41-year-old black male who was later declared as brain dead. He died on March 30, as per the police reports.

The main difference between Daniel Prude and George Floyd cases is that it’s not worth it. George was murdered in a large crowd where everybody witnessed his death. On the other hand, Prude died because of a fatal encounter that took place in Rochester Stree.

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