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Is Kenosha Safe For Trump? ‘Tony’ Governor Of Wisconsin Reminded Trump About The Racial Unrest In The City.

Donald Trump and Tony Evers

Tony Evers asked politely to Mr. Trump to reconsider his visit to Kenosha in the first place. However, During the time of the racial and civil arrest, it’s better for the president to stay out. The governor said that if he tries to visit the state at this time then it will only ‘disturb the healing’.

This Saturday, Deputy press security Judd Deere has already told that Mr. Trump will be visiting the city this coming Tuesday. Judd said Trump will visit the city with Law enforcement and want to know about the surveyed damage destructive protests. Thus, Tony sent them back a letter on Sunday asking trump to call off the trip.

Tony’s Letter To Trump

Tony wrote to trump by saying that he is and the whole community leaders are concerned about him visiting Kenosha. He also said that his presence in the city will only create hindrance during their healing. The then goes by saying that his visit to Kenosha will slow down the work to overcome the situation and will not able to move forward.

Tony’s Initiative During The Deadly Protests

As per the reports, a black man named Jacob Blake who was 29 years old was shot dead in Kenosha. The video of his death was recorded by one of the protestors, in which Jacob was paralyzed. This Tuesday the peaceful protests went to a deadly one. The report says that a teenager who was 17 years old shot, three protesters, in which the only one survived.

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Nationals Guards Of The State

The Nationals guards have taken the initiative and deployed 100 of men within the city as well. They are giving security and trying every way possible to maintain harmony after what has been done. Due to this, the state has taken the decision to make extend the emergency threat curfew till Tuesday.

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Tony’s Competitor

This past Sunday, Tony’s challenger Joe Bidden has already said that Mr. Trump is the only man who is encouraging violence and creating the sensation of hatred among the people. Tony wrote a letter where he said the Wisconsin Legislature will take up the initiative and accountability reform offer and he would appreciate the support.

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