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Donald Trump Is Almost 2 Points Behind From Biden, Will He Win To Be The President? Know Who Has The Advantage - The Tech Education
Donald Trump
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Donald Trump Is Almost 2 Points Behind From Biden, Will He Win To Be The President? Know Who Has The Advantage

The race for the white house is getting even tenser than before. President Trump is giving neck to neck fight against Biden in the polls count. However, the numbers of both parties are quite near to each other. Latest poll counts revealed that Mr Donald Trump is just 2 points behind from the democrat’s Leader Biden.

Who Is Leading With The Poll Counts: Joe Biden Or Donald Trump?

As per The Latest poll counting on Sunday, revealed that Biden has scored 48 and Trump is chasing him with the score of 46. But still, Biden is leading and giving a tough fight to the president. During July Biden was slashed, when he had 6 points more than Mr Trump.

What Does The Survey Reveal About The People Who Have Already Voted?

The new survey was conducted between September 15- 18, where they took analysis from almost 1200 people about the votes. There are still many voters who are not even sure about their preference.

It is for sure that, Trump has the upper hand with the white people who will vote from Florida. The report revealed that almost 59 per cent of people from that particular place would vote for President Trump. Biden, on the other side, has the support of Hispanic voters. He has 56 per cent more chances than Trump, who only has 36 per cent.

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How Trump Presidency Supported The United States?

During the year of 2016, Trump was able to get 49 per cent of votes from Hillary Clinton, but now he only got 47 per cent of it. The states will come to a critical position if Biden has all the votes and kick out Trump from his presidency.

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Economic issues have always been the main problem in the country, but the voters believe that Trump has issued many helpful aiding plans which is somehow recovering the situation. The potential voters who support Trump said that his methods for retrieving the economic and family’s financial crisis are coming into use.

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