Is Jalen Ramsey Gay? Is He Dating Someone?

Jalen Ramsey is an American football player for the Jacksonville Jaguars of the National Football League. He plays corner kick.

The Tennessee native, who is six feet and one inch tall and was named to the 2017 First-Team All-Pro as one of the best players at his position, wanted to keep up his great start to his NFL career. This is in addition to the two times he was named to the All-ACC team during his three years in college.

Now, the question is, Is Jalen Ramsey Gay? If you like Jalen Ramsey, you can read this article to find out if he is gay or not.

Is Jalen Ramsey Gay?

Jalen Ramsey had to deal with LGBT rumors after an interview in which he made fun of now-retired wide receiver Steve Smith and a fight on the field. Ramsey’s answers were clear and made sense, but it was his body language that made people pay attention.

The athlete did all the things that gay people usually do, like roll their eyes, nod their heads and shrug. This led to many homophobic comments and claims that Ramsey was gay being left on the athlete’s account. Even with all the slurs, Ramsey has shown that he is not gay.

Is Jalen Ramsey Dating Someone?

jalen ramsey gf

Jalen Ramsey and his girlfriend, Breanna Tate, who ran track at the University of Mississippi and is the sister of NFL wide receiver Golden Tate, were expecting a child. It’s not clear when these two started dating, but photos from their baby shower show that they are very close.

The couple’s daughter was born sometime in July 2018. She is said to be healthy. Ramsey missed the start of his team’s training camp because of this. He has since come back and needs to get his act together.

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