Is Charlie Puth Gay? What Is Charlie Puth’s Sexuality? Learn More

There have been rumors about Charlie Puth being gay for a long time. Fans of the singer of “We Don’t Talk Anymore” have always talked about his love life and sexuality.

As soon as Charlie Puth started making music, people started talking about whether or not he was gay. Keep reading if you want to find out more about the singer’s sexuality.

Is Charlie Puth gay?

The singer of “Left and Right” has been linked to Selena Gomez, Bella Thorne, Charlotte Lawrence, Meghan Trainor, and Lea Michele, among other famous Hollywood women in the past.

So, the fact that Charlie has been with a number of beautiful women, including singers, models and actresses, shows that he is not gay. He is known to be straight and not gay at the end of the day.

Charlie Puth Was Surprised By The  Queer Community

Every day, Charlie Puth drives through West Hollywood, where he has seen gay clubs like Pump and The Abbey. When he went to the club, everyone was dancing to songs he hadn’t heard before. He didn’t know it yet, but that was going to be his next big musical inspiration.

“I think LGBTQ+ culture is so ahead of its time, culturally, sonically, musically, everything-ly,” he said. “When I had a less than perfect song at the studio and I was by myself and I saw everybody having a great time, I literally heard a different song in my head. I rearranged the whole thing, I drove back to the studio, I was so inspired.”

Consequently, “Loser” was created. This song was indicative of the captivating 2000s pop sensibility he found in West Hollywood. Meanwhile, the rest of Charlie was reminiscent of the 80s due to his mom’s love of music. His childhood was practically shaped by Madonna’s “Into the Groove.” This influence was evident in his single, “There’s A First Time For Everything.’

“I wanted to bring back the way people felt when they first heard that song in 1985,” he told GQ.

Puth is also a big fan of Nicki Minaj, who has a lot to do with his music. He has been moved by her music and by how much her fans love and support her.

I think LGBTQ+ culture is so ahead of its time

When Did The Rumours That Charlie Puth Is Gay Start?

For those who don’t know, let us tell you that all the rumors about Charlie’s sexuality started going around in 2017. At the time, he was promoting his song “Attention” with 102.7KIIS FM before it came out.

The singer of “See You Again” talked about his friendship with Shawn Mendes in an interview with 102.7KIIS FM. So, people started saying that Charlie Puth was gay.

charlie puth and shawn mendes
charlie puth and shawn mendes

The interview quickly went viral on social media for many different reasons. In the interview, Charlie said that he and Shawn look at pictures of themselves and talk about how they look. They also send each other pictures of themselves over the phone.

Charlie said at that time, “We’re in a bit of a work-out-a-ton.” Then he pulled out his phone and showed a picture of himself with big arms, saying, “I sent this to Shawn. That was a day of arms.” Soon after that, Charlie’s sexuality started to be talked about as gay. But it seems like Shawn and Charlie are just good friends and nothing more.

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