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mxg, 8q, ic, bw1, IPL 2020: Spinner R Ashwin Suffers A Shoulder Injury During The DC Vs KXIP Match, But Speculated To Return For The Next Match - The Tech Education
IPL 2020
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IPL 2020: Spinner R Ashwin Suffers A Shoulder Injury During The DC Vs KXIP Match, But Speculated To Return For The Next Match

The IPL 2020 began with a bang. CSK won against MI in the very first match whereas DC took over KXIP in the second match. But R Ashwin suffered a shoulder injury during the ongoing  match.

R Ashwin Suffers A Shoulder Injury

Delhi Capitals took over Kings XI Punjab with a massive victory in the second match of IPL 2020. Although DC won but Spinner R Ashwin injured his left shoulder during the match. And DC lost this strong spinner at the very first over.

IPL 2020
Source: Hindustan Times

Actually Ashwin was bowling against KXIP batsman Glenn Maxwell and somehow injured his left shoulder during the process. He is one of the most strongest players for DC and his sudden injury was a cause of  worry for the team. Axar Patel replaced him for the time being and managed to finish off with 1-14.

The team had to chase the target of 157 and later on it was Marcus Stonis who emerged as the star of the team and reached the target of 157. And later on Kagiso Rabada slayed the super over by 4 wickets.

R Ashwin To Return For The Next Match In IPL 2020

His injury was actually a big loss for DC because we all know how important was Ashwin’s presence for the team. Although Stonis and Rabada got victory for the team, but Ashwin’s sudden absence affected the overall scores. But Shreyas Iyer, the captain of the Delhi Capitals, said that it was not a major injury.

IPL 2020
Source: TOI

And ensured that Ashwin will be fit and fine before the next match of the team. Iyer also said that Ashwin’s presence is really important for the team right now. Hence he is really gearing up for the upcoming matches.

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Apart from that the Skipper also appreciated Stonis and Rabada who saved the day with their commendable performance.

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