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2020: DC Captain Shreyas Iyer Give Details On Ravichandran Ashwin'
IPL 2020
Source: Hindustan Times
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IPL 2020: DC Captain Shreyas Iyer Give Details On Ravichandran Ashwin’s Shoulder Injury

IPL 2020: DC Captain Shreyas Iyer Give Details On Ravichandran Ashwin’s Shoulder Injury

IPL 2020: Iyer Talks About Ashwin’s Shoulder Injury 

Delhi Capitals won their first match in the 13th season of the Indian Premier League by beating Kings XI Punjab. They beat KXIP in a Super Over on Sunday at the Dubai International Stadium. Marcus Stoinis ensured that the team wins the game. However, DC chased a total run of 157 and beat KXIP in the second match of the tournament. 

Meanwhile, a star spinner, Ravichandran Ashwin suffered a shoulder injury during the match. Ashwin hurt his left shoulder while he tried to drive off Glenn Maxwell of his bowling. But Ashwin had to leave the game only after finishing his over. After his injury, he further did not come to bowl in the match that day. And Ashwin’s position was filled by Axar Patel in that match. Axar finished with 1-14.

As he didn’t come to bowl in the match, fans started expecting the worst situation. But, DC Captain Shreyas Iyer updated that Ashwin will be playing in the next match. This brought a sigh of relief among the Delhi fans. 

“It was important for us to get wickets since the total was small, and I knew if I saved KG’s over for the end, it would be helpful. Ashwin’s over was a key one, and it changed the game in our favour, but that’s what T20 cricket is. Ashwin says he’ll be ready for the next game, but in the end, the physio is going to decide. Axar was fantastic with those middle overs too, stifling the runs in the middle after Ashwin was injured. We generally go by left-right combination in the team build-up. The way Stoinis assessed the wicket and played that innings was commendable,’ Iyer said after the match.




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