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xq5, xt, IPL 2020 : "PROUD OF YOU ON ENTERING IPL 5000 CLUB" Suresh Raina Congratulates Rohit Sharma ! - The Tech Education
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IPL 2020 : “PROUD OF YOU ON ENTERING IPL 5000 CLUB” Suresh Raina Congratulates Rohit Sharma !

Suresh Raina, the former Indian Cricketer on Thursday, congratulates Mumbai Indians Captain Rohit Sharma on entering into IPL 5000 Club in the face-off against Kings XI Punjab in Abu Dhabi. Raina along with Sharma and RCB skipper Virat Kohli are the only three players to have made their remake in their 5000 runs in IPL.



Heartiest congratulations my brother on achieving another remarkable milestone of completing 5k runs @ImRo45. Proud of you, more power to you!”  Suresh Raina tweets 

His team Mumbai Indians achieve defeat against Kings XI Punjab in the 13th match of Indian Premier League at the Sheikh Zayed Stadium at Abu Dhabi on Thursday. The MI skipper was just two runs short of 5000 clubs when he went down to bat. 

He scores 70 runs in Mumbai Indians Innings, and guide his team to 191 at the end of 20 overs. Rohit Sharma has proved himself to be excellent skipper, and show his team to win four times the IPL titles. Before that, he was Deccan Charges captain also guide his team to win 2009 IPL title.

Sharma makes 1 century and 38 half-centuries in his name in the IPL. In this, he has scored over 200 sixes in the tournament history.

MI DEFEAT KXIP: Highlights

 MI win the toss choose to bat first. They struggle by the bowling of KXIP for nearly 13 overs but make a comeback and stop at a scoreboard of 191 runs at 20 overs. Well MI bowlers reveal in his second innings and stop KXIP at 143 runs which led them a victory of 48 runs. MI now holds a 14-11 lead over KXIP. Jasprit Bumrah proved himself again that why he is the best bowler. He took two wickets of Mayank Agrawal and James Neelam at 4.50 runs per over.


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