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Brexit Squirming Tory Refuses To The News Of His Resignation 5 Times For Breaking International Law!!

The Brexit Talk!

There has been a lot of fizz regarding the news of the Tory resignation. We are here to clear all that. Let me tell you that the Brexit talks appear to be on the point of collapse after Britain flatly rejected an EU ultimatum. It was over the government’s plans to break international law by undertaking on critical parts of the withdrawal agreement.

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There had been a lot of controversies related to it. Moreover, in a hard-hitting statement following a meeting with Michael Gove in London, the European commission vice-president Maroš Šefčovič had put the prime minister on notice that he needed to regain Brussels’ trust.

Resignation Controversy

Robert Buckland, the Justice Secretary and Lord Chancellor squirmed. It came as he was challenged over the government’s Brexit plans by the BBC.

There has been a lot of confusion in what has been said and what is interpreted. Moreover, despite being in charge of the English legal system, Mr Buckland has refused to quit.

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Furthermore, Attorney general Suella Braverman, who issued a legal opinion trying to justify the breach of international law, has also refused to resign.

Additionally, Mr Buckland, today insisted the law was a “break the glass in the emergency provision,” which will only be used if there’s no trade deal and if the UK needs it.

So the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show asked Mr Buckland if he would quit if the UK enacted the law. Thus, officially breaking international law.

And to everyone’s surprise, Five times Mr Buckland refused to give a straight answer.

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