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For Sustaining Slow Over Rate In The IPL Season? - The Tech Education
Virat Kohli
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Why Virat Kohli Is Charged Rs.12L For Sustaining Slow Over Rate In The IPL Season?

The recent reports revealed that Virat Kohli is responsible for over-rate in his recent matches. However, he has to pay Rs. 12 lack for showcasing slow over-rate offences during his recent match with Kings XI Punjab.

RCB was upset with Virat Kohli for such poor performance during this season of IPL. The team performed his first offence which caused Rs. 12 lacks in this series. There’s a lot to discuss on this matter and the decisions yet come from the officials.

What Happened To Virat Kohli During The Match With KXIP?

RCB was defeated with just the score of 97 by the hands of Kings XI Punjab’s player. There were unexpected batting skills performed by KL Rahul, and he has broken the record to score 132 runs with only 69 balls. With this impressive performance, KL Rahul has become the only individual to achieve the highest runs in the IPL series.

IPL 2020
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Later during the match, Rabi Bishnoi and his teammate Murugan Ashwin took three impressive wickets which made RCB to bite their nails. However, the next match for RCB is set to be played on Monday, September 28.

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How Was Virat Distracted And Missed A Catch During His Match With KXIP?

IPL 2020
Source: TOI

After experiencing a drastic loss, Virat said that his team has to work on many things wherein they are lacking. During an interview, he said that his team needs to put some efforts into their plugin. Virat missed a pretty unique catch; thereof the fans are blaming him for performing in such a bad form.

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Its been six consecutively years for RCB, for not winning a single match during this IPL series. Will they be able to make their way out to win this year? that can be known only at the end of this IPL 2020 series.

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