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k, 4l, 9je, w, t8x, jb, KXIP Player Mohammed Shami Praises The Team Skipper KL Rahul, Calls Him A Natural Leader - The Tech Education
Mohammed Shami
Source: TOI
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KXIP Player Mohammed Shami Praises The Team Skipper KL Rahul, Calls Him A Natural Leader

Mohammed Shami has given a statement praising KL Rahul for his amazing leadership skills as the skipper of KXIP.

Mohammed Shami Praises KL Rahul

KXIP bowler Mohammed Shami was all praises for the captain of their team KL Rahul. He said that the team is doing quite well and skipper KL Rahul deserves all the credit.

Mohammed Shami
Source: Crickbuzz

The player said that Rahul has very natural leadership skills. And that is the reason he is managing the team so well. Moreover he also added that Rahul never fails to take the opinions of his teammates before making any decision which helps to maintain a coordination among team members.

And as a result of this coordination, the team actually plays well in the field. The 30 year old player also stated that in a game like cricket you need to build a sense of trust with your teammates. And KL Rahul is exactly doing that.

Shami also said that apart from KL Rahul, KXIP coach Anil Kumble is also someone who deserves the credit of the teams amazing performances so far.

Although he also named some players like Virat Kohli who really has the ability to lead a team.

KXIP’s Performance So Far

The Kings XI Punjab has played three IPL matches so far. Although they managed to win only one match so far. But they have really performed well on the pitch.

Mohammed Shami
Source: TOI

KXIP players like KL Rahul, Mayank Agarwal and Chris Galye have shown phenomenal performances on the field. In the upcoming IPL 2020 match KXIP is all set to play against Chennai Super Kings.

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The fans are really anticipating the match between two powerful IPL teams. And we hope that we can witness some really powerful performances from the Kings XI Punjab players.

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