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Kings Witnesses A Massive Victory Against Mumbai Indians In The Very First Match Of The Season - The Tech Education
IPL 2020
Source: TOI
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IPL 2020: Chennai Super Kings Witnesses A Massive Victory Against Mumbai Indians In The Very First Match Of The Season

The IPL 2020  has started off with its very first match between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians.

Chennai Super Kings Wins Against Mumbai Indians

We had been eagerly waiting for our favorite cricket tournament to start. And the wait is finally over, as we witnessed the very first match of the season on Saturday. It was a cricket war between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians. It was indeed a nail biting match between both the powerful teams.

IPL 2020
Source: TOI

Captain cool MS Dhoni, the skipper of CSK and Hitman Rohit Sharma, the skipper of Mumbai Indians coordinated with their teams really well. And this showed up in their performances. Although CSK won by 5 wickets against MI, but both the teams were almost equal in terms of their performance.

Dhoni won the toss against Rohit Sharma and CSK opted for batting first. But things didn’t go really well during the first phase of the match.

It was really a close win for CSK, because their first openers  lost their wickets within two initial overs. Therefore making it difficult for the team to catch the pace. But later it was Ambati Rayudu and Faf du Pleissis, who got the team back to track.

Rayudu made massive 71 runs on 48 balls whereas Plessis managed to score 58 runs of 44 balls. And everyone is going gaga over these two sensational players. Moreover, they really deserve all the credits for the win of CSK.

IPL 2020 Amid The New Normal

Well the first match between CSK and MI was really nail biting. And we enjoyed every bit of it and also cheered for our favorite teams. Also seeing Captain Cool MS Dhoni on the field after his heartbreaking announcement about bidding adieu to International cricket was really a treat to the eye.

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IPL 2020
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But yes, one thing is true that IPL 2020,was nothing like the previous seasons. Starting from being organized outside India to absence of spectators in the stadium, we missed it all. But that is what the pandemic situation is all about. At least we are thankful that the organizers have actually taken the risk of kick starting the season amid the pandemic.

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