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The Atlantic: Trump Buried Soldiers; The White House: The Atlantic Should Go Through The Records, Whom To Trust?

The damning claims against President Donald Trump are growing by anonymous sources. However, the authorities could be cited in the bombshell report from The Atlantic.

Source The Atlantic

The Atlantic on Thursday evening has published a lot of allegations against President Trump. However, most of the White House members and the president himself, good night to the claims.

The allegation of burying disparaging fallen soldiers in Paris is on Donald Trump. In Paris, they were buried in the Aisne-Marne American cemetery. Donald Trump called them “suckers”. Moreover, according to him, the land was “filled with losers”.

This happened back in 2018. Four unnamed sources claimed this secretly.

Whom To Trust?

However, this news got a worldwide audience due to its disclosure at the time of the 2020 presidential election. Despite the presence of other media outlets, the reporter of The Atlantic gave this story a new direction.

Jeffrey Goldberg has reported everything. Meanwhile, Max Boot, the Washington Post columnist claimed, “Since Trump now denies what ⁦@JeffreyGoldbertg has reported, his sources must go on the record and tell the voters first-hand what they saw and heard.”

Source Twitter

According to the White House, there is no truth in the story. And it is fake. They are just the Atlantic, to go through the records before giving such kinds of accusations or allegations.

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