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ult, l, 3, r2, a, ptj, e, Gareth Bale To Join Tottenham? 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Gareth Bale To Join Tottenham? Zinedine Zidane Confirms Deal!

Zinedine Zidane reportedly confirmed that Gareth Bale is in London to sign his deal with Tottenham Hotspur.

Bale arrived spur’s training ground and expected to a one-year loan with the club he left for a world record 100 million euros in 2013. Zidane confirmed in a press conference that he hasn’t spoken to him as yet. Bale won many things here, and he has shown his qualities. Now let’s see what will happen. However, there will be negotiations,” continued the coach.

Zidane allegedly said to be cautious after he said last year it would be “best for everyone” if Bale left when a move to China seemed inevitable, only for the deal to collapse at the last minute. He added, “Gareth is our player at the moment, and the issue is still to be closed.”

Source: Daily Mirror

Bale scored 105 goals and made 68 assists in 251 games for Real Madrid. The 31-year-old has won four Champions League titles and two in La Liga, as well as scoring arguably the greatest ever goal in a Champions League final against Liverpool in 2018.

Zinedine told the media that he knows the player’s capabilities after seven years of experience with him.

Zinedine called Gareth Bale spectacular and went on with his plus points.

Madrid began the defence of their La Liga title this weekend against Real Sociedad. After being given extra time off following their involvement in last season’s Champions League.

The club has made no signings this summer due to the financial fall-out from the coronavirus pandemic, while Eden Hazard is again struggling for fitness. Asked if Hazard had now recovered from the ankle injury that plagued his last term, Zidane refused to disclose any details.

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Gareth Bale
Source: Daily Mirror

“He is better and the most important thing is him, his feeling, that he is 100 per cent. We have time, we are starting the season. What he needs is to be 100 or 120 per cent.”

Zidane also confirmed full-back Sergio Reguilon, who spent a successful season on loan at Sevilla last year, is set to join Tottenham. “I congratulate Reguilon for the season he had,” said Zidane. Tottenham claimed to have two players in each position, nothing more. They have two full-backs already and can’t have three, or four, or five, because then it’s a mess.

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