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How Much Money Do the Roloffs Make? The Stars Is Raking in Millions

What is the Roloffs net worth? The little people’s big world family makes up just part of their income. In addition to their farm, family members have also written books and started businesses of their own. Keep scrolling to find out how much the Roloffs make.

What Is Amy Roloff’s Net worth?

Celebrities or reality stars such as Amy Roloff are said to be worth about $6 million according to Celebrity Net Worth. This figure may come from the family’s show Little People Big World. Reality stars make an average of $1,500-3,000 per episode though this amount will vary depending on what type the brands of the show With over 20 episodes per season, and two seasons per year, Amy earns $60,000 annually for hosting the show.

The cast members of the show are likely making more money each season than they were at the start.

Both Caitlin Coull and Shetia Taylor had their episodes reduced this past season to what seems to be doing fewer episodes per season, bucking a trend for other actors that is also executive producer. Amy Roloff’s net worth is estimated to be around $667,000.

What Is Matt Roloff’s Net Worth?

Celebrity Net Worth estimates that Matt’s net worth is $6 million. As well as starring on the show and serving as an executive producer, he also might have made a fair share of money before getting into the TV industry. The father of four worked as a computer programmer and sold software systems to Fortune 500 companies before buying the family farm.

Now, he works as the father of four and has written several books in total while also selling some of them, including Against Tall Odds, Little Lucy, Big Race The Roloffs also wrote a book together called Little Family, Big Values.

What Are The Roloff Kids’ Net Worths?

When it comes to money, the four main children on TLC s Little People Big World are all doing fairly well. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Zach Roloff and Jeremy Roloff have $700,000 in their bank accounts each while Molly and Jacob each have $700,000 as well.

Jeremy and his wife, Audrey Roloff, have a net worth of $4 million. In addition to the success of Little People Big World on TLC, they have written their own books A Love Letter Life and Creative Love. Beyond running their own podcast, Behind the Scenes, Jeremy also works as a farmer in Idaho or Washington More money from the show and a $300 tour guide fee.

When he’s not working at pumpkin season, Zach coaches three competitive soccer teams in Oregon. For fun, he recently played on a fourth-placed soccer team in the Copa America Dwarf World Cup in Argentina. It’s unknown how much money Roloff makes from soccer, but in 2017 he and girlfriend Tori Rowe quit their jobs to pursue a career in filming. Currently, they have one son Jackson (born), and daughter Lilah (on the way).

This article is about the net worth of Little People Big World stars and you can expect it to be interesting.

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Reality TV producer Terry Michael told E! that reality show families earn about 10 percent of each episode s budget. For example, if it costs $250,000 to film an episode, the family earns $25,000. Once split among family members, it’s likely everyone earns a few thousand dollars each.

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