How Did Judy Garland Pass Away, And What Was Her Age?

How Did Judy Garland Die? Dorothy was lost to the world on June 22, 1969. Judy Garland, a Hollywood star who starred in The Wizard of Oz in 1939 and was 47 years old when she died, accidentally overdosed.

Barbiturate addiction, anxiety, depression, and overeating were all parts of her complicated past that led to her death. All of this goes back to when she first started acting and was the “it” girl at MGM Studios.

How Did Judy Garland Die?

Judy Garland’s body was found in the toilet of the London home she and her fifth husband, Mickey Deans, shared on June 22, 1969. At the time, she was only 47.

The coroner said that Judy’s death was caused by an accidental overdose of barbiturates and that there was no evidence to support the idea that she killed herself. Five days after her death, on June 27, 1969, 20,000 people lined the streets of New York to show their sorrow.

Did Judy Garland Struggle With Addiction?

Judy’s personal life was a mess because she used drugs and drank too much as an adult. During an appearance on This Morning, her 66-year-old daughter Lorna Luft said that she thinks her musical icon mother would have died sooner if there hadn’t been a “stigma” about heroin use in the 1960s and not enough people knew about it.

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She uttered: “Addiction is so pervasive in everyone’s life right now and is the subject of much education, and the shame associated with it has vanished. Saying “I have a problem” is acceptable now, although it wasn’t back then.”

Was Judy Garland Still Singing And Dancing Before She Died?

At the end of her life, Judy did solo shows to help pay off the thousands of dollars in back taxes she owed to the IRS. These shows were often hard to predict, and the angry crowds were furious when Judy would show up on stage hours late.

Stevie Phillips, who was her manager, said this about the star’s later years: “It needed pharmaceuticals to get her back to a level place where you could have a conversation with her, where you could get her to sign checks, sign contracts, talk about business.”

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