Hilary Duff Net Worth 2022: How Much Does Hilary Duff Make A Year?

Hilary Duff is a singer and actress from the United States.

Duff began her acting career at a young age and quickly rose to prominence as the title character of the television series ‘Lixxie McGuire in the 2003 theatrical film based on the series, ‘The Lizzie McGuire Movie.’ She has appeared in a number of films, including “Cadet Kelly,” “Agent Cody Banks,” “Cheaper by the Dozen,” “A Cinderella Story,” and “Cheaper by the Dozen 2.”

Hilary Duff’s Net Worth In 2022

Hilary Duff’s net worth is estimated to be around $25 million as of September 2022.

Net Worth: $25 Million
Date of Birth: Sep 28, 1987 (34 years old)
Gender: Female
Height: 5 ft 1 in (1.57 m)
Profession: Singer, Actor, Songwriter, Entrepreneur, Film Producer, Author, Model, Voice Actor, Singer-songwriter
Nationality: United States of America

Hilary Duff’s Salary

Hilary was paid $15,000 per episode of Lizzie McGuire, for a total of just under $1 million for the entire series. For the 2003 film, she was paid $1 million. She was paid $500,000 to co-star in Agent Cody Banks with Frankie Muniz in 2003. She earned another $1 million the following year for her role in Cheaper by the Dozen. In 2005, she was paid $2 million to appear in the sequel to that film.

Hilary received $2.2 million for A Cinderella Story, as well as $2 million for Raise Your Voice, The Perfect Man, and Material Girls. During her peak years, roughly between 2003 and 2013, Hilary earned at least $18 million in various salaries, royalties, and bonuses.

She has also appeared as a guest star on several television shows, including Gossip Girl, Beauty & the Briefcase, and Younger, as well as in several independent films, including War, Inc., According to Greta, and Bloodworth.

Hilary Duff Early Life

Hilary Duff was born on September 28, 1987, in Houston, Texas, as the second of two children. Haylie Duff, her older sister, would also go on to become an actress.

Hilary and Haylie both took singing, acting, and ballet classes as children. This resulted in local theatrical productions. In 1993, the sisters and their mother relocated to Los Angeles to pursue more acting opportunities. They quickly entered the audition circuit and landed numerous commercials between the two of them.

Hilary landed a minor uncredited role in True Women, a Hallmark Entertainment series, in 1997. She landed her first major starring role in Casper Meets Wendy in 1998. Throughout the end of the 1990s, she landed more film and television roles.

Hilary Duff Career

Duff debuted in the title role of the show that would make her a household name, ‘Lizzie McGuire,’ in 2001. She would later appear in 65 episodes of the show. She appeared in the show’s theatrical film adaptation in 2003. Hilary was announced as the executive producer of a reboot of the series for Disney + in August 2019.

Disney earned more than $100 million from merchandise sales alone during the show’s run. Duff was paid $15,000 per episode of Lizzie McGuire, for a total of just under $1 million for the entire series. She earned another $1 million that year to co-star in ‘Cheaper by the Dozen,’ and another $2 million in 2005 to appear in the sequel to that film.

Duff received $2.2 million for ‘A Cinderella Story,’ as well as $2 million for ‘Raise Your Voice,’ ‘The Perfect Man,’ and ‘Material Girls.’

Duff has appeared as a guest star on several television shows, including ‘Gossip Girl,’ ‘Beauty & the Briefcase,’ and ‘Younger.’ She has also appeared in several independent films, including ‘War, Inc.,’ ‘According to Greta,’ and ‘Bloodworth.’

Hilary Duff Personal Life

Between 2001 and 2003, Duff dated pop singer Aaron Carter on and off before meeting and dating Lindsay Lohan. Carter reportedly dumped Lohan and resumed dating Duff, sparking a feud between the two actresses. Duff, then 16, began dating Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden, then 25 years old, in July 2004. The couple made headlines due to their age difference and divorced two years later in November 2006.

Duff began dating Canadian NHL player Mike Comrie in 2007. From 2010 to 2016, they were married. Luca Cruz Comrie, the couple’s son, was born in March 2012. Mike is the son of a very wealthy family.

His father, Bill Comrie, has a net worth of $500 million as a result of The Brick, a Canadian furniture and electronics empire that the family sold for $700 million. The couple announced their separation in January 2014, but they would continue to co-parent their son.

Since early 2017, Hilary has been dating singer/songwriter/producer Matthew Koma. They had a child together in October of 2018. Matthew has written a number of popular songs, mostly for Zedd. In December 2019, Hilary and Matthew married in a private ceremony at their home.

Hilary Duff’s Cars And Home

Duff spent $3.5 million on a nearly 10,000-square-foot home in the Los Angeles suburb of Toluca Lake in 2004. She listed this home for $7 million in 2010, and it eventually sold for $6.5 million.

In addition, Hilary and Mike Comrie spent $3.85 million on a Beverly Hills home in 2010. She spent $2.695 million in 2916 on a newly built home in Studio City, California.

Duff owns a Porsche 911 Carrera, a Mercedes G Wagon, a Porsche Panamera, and a Range Rover Vogue, among other vehicles.

Other Businesses

Hilary Duff has also launched two clothing lines and collaborated with Elizabeth Arden on two perfume collections. She is an active philanthropist who donates to various charities on a regular basis. She has also begun producing films for general theatrical release.


What does Hilary Duff eat in a day?

Duff told Shape that she always prepares grains such as quinoa and brown rice, as well as proteins such as steak and chicken. She combines grain and protein with arugula for a healthy salad that can be made in minutes, whether she’s on set or at home with the kids.

How many kids does Duff have?

Duff, 34, has welcomed three children over the years, including Luca, 9, Banks, 3, and Mae, who is 9 months old. Duff has one child from her previous marriage to Mike Comrie, and two from her current marriage to Koma, 34.

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