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Hey Email App Is Back On App Store After Apple Removing The Ban

‘Hey’ email app from the Basecamp is back to App Store. Now the app is available on Apple mobile platforms includes iOS and iPadOS. Besides, it is open for anyone to join. That means that the new email service is no longer invite-only. The app was only available through an invite-only process for the two years while in development. After all, now the app is publicly available for everyone. It got publicly launched after making changes in the policies with the things that meet App Store guidelines.

However, the future updates were blocked by Apple for the Hey app because of the violations in terms and conditions. Hey used a subscription method through its website instead of direct signup through the app. This will make a 30% subscription fee lose for Apple and it was not welcomed by them. So, Apple banned Hey from future updates and it made a little controversy across the tech field.

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Now The App Is Available For Everyone After The Changes In The Policies

Apple Approves Update To Basecamp's Hey Email Amid App Store ...

However, Apple gave time for the creators to make an app that reaches all the terms of Apple. Now it is created and went live on the App Store. The company also changed its policy at WWDC 2020that allow developers to challenge App Store Guidelines. Hey app takes a subscription fee annually of $99. But it will not show any ads in your feeds and will not use your private details as a return for the free service. Beyond all, there are many advantages that make likable with the Hey email app.

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