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Apple Giving More Control Options To Users In Sharing Location Data With Apps

The sleeping tracking or blood pressure sensor was not the one thing that stands out in WWDC. Instead, one thing that stood out in all was the freedom for the users on the location data. After all, Apple adds more fine-grained controls on the location data in the iPhone with iOS 14. The location setting that now available allows the user to either turn of the location or turn it fully on. Besides, it includes options to select if you need an app using location while working in the background.

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However, with the new update, users can select whether they need to share the exact location. Moreover, you can select details like the city or the territory without the exact position they are in. It may seem like not much of a change. But these small changes are more expected by the people. Until now, it was an all-or-nothing approach by the company in this area.

From 2017, the sharing of different data from smartphones got ease. One of the first updates in more customized data sharing was the prevention of location using while running in the background. After all, Android users were also available with similar options for the apps. All these helped the people who use users and lift. Because these rideshare apps can locate the device’s current location. So, with this option, Uber or any other apps could not find the device location after the trip. All these improvements in data sharing will give more privacy to smartphone users.

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